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Ecological Impacts from the Interactions of Climate Change, Land Use Change and Invasive Species: A Joint Research Solicitation - EPA, USDA

Request for Applications closing date: June 26, 2007

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R833833
Predicting Relative Risk of Invasion by Saltcedar and Mud Snails in River Networks Under Different Scenarios of Climate Change and Dam Operations in the Western United States Poff, N. LeRoy
Auble, Gregor T.
Bledsoe, Brian P.
Dean, Denis
Friedman, Jonathan
Lytle, David
Merritt, David M.
Purkey, David
Raff, David A.
Shafroth, Patrick B.  
Colorado State University, Oregon State University, Stockholm Environmental Institute, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service, United States Geological Survey [USGS] July 2008 -
June 2012
(Extended to June 2013)  
2 R833834
Integrating Future Climate Change and Riparian Land-Use to Forecast the Effects of Stream Warming on Species Invasions and Their Impacts on Native Salmonids Olden, Julian D.
Beechie, Timothy
Lawler, Joshua J.
Torgersen, Christian E.  
University of Washington, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center July 2008 -
June 2012
(Extended to June 2013)  
3 R833835
Understanding the Role of Climate Change and Land Use Modifications in Facilitating Pathogen Invasions and Declines Of Ectotherms Rohr, Jason R.
Blaustein, Andrew
Raffel, Thomas R.  
University of South Florida, Oregon State University September 2008 -
August 2011
(Extended to August 2013)  
4 R833836
Beach Grass Invasions and Coastal Flood Protection: Forecasting the Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Vulnerability Hacker, Sally
Seabloom, Eric
Ruggiero, Peter  
Oregon State University July 2008 -
June 2012
(Extended to June 2013)  
5 R833837
Elevated Temperature and Land Use Flood Frequency Alteration Effects on Rates of Invasive and Native Species Interactions in Freshwater Floodplain Wetlands Richardson, Curtis J.
Flanagan, Neal
Ho, Mengchi
Qian, Song S.  
Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences April 2008 -
March 2011
(Extended to March 2012)  
6 R833838
Interaction of Climate Change, Landuse and Invasive Species: Tests of Contrasting Management Scenarios for Coastal Communities Whitlatch, Robert B.
Osman, Richard W.  
University of Connecticut, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center April 2009 -
June 2012  

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