P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet

Request for Applications closing date: December 21, 2006

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 SU833506
Comparison of an Engine Operated on Canola Based Biodiesel to an Engine Operated on Petroleum Diesel Ahuja, Sandeep
Adom, Kwame
Bhardwaj, Harbans
Prins, Robert  
Virginia State University, James Madison University August 2007 -
July 2008  
2 SU833507
Sustainable Water Extraction and Distribution System for Agricultural Applications in Namawanga, Kenya Teel, Wayne
Fenzel, Matt
Wright, Colin  
James Madison University April 2006 -
July 2008  
3 SU833508
Harvesting Rooftop Runoff from RDP Housing in South Africa: A Pragmatic Approach to Supplement Water Supply While Reducing Flooding, Soil Erosion, and Disease Christy, Ann
Childs, Steve
Kallio, Rebecca
Kallio, Sara
Miller, Mathew
Ward, Andy  
The Ohio State University June 2006 -
July 2008  
4 SU833509
Higher Performance Solar Crop Dryer Kit for Developing Economies Tatara, Robert A.   Northern Illinois University September 2007 -
September 2008  
5 SU833510
Sustainability of Resources in the Chadron Creek Watershed Leite, Michael
Balmat, Jennifer
Blomstrom, Sally
Butterfield, Chuck
Swanke, Tom  
Chadron State College August 2007 -
July 2008  
6 SU833511
Development of a Method to Convert Green and Animal Wastes to a Useful Agricultural Product with Possible Alternative Fuel Use Meyer, W. Craig
Farzaneh, Nicole
Ferree, Jeffrey
Gilmore, Kandis
Kurpjuweit, Justin
Mehta, Daniel
Musser, Leslie
Owen, Kevin
Pracher, Mark
Ulery, Marion  
Pierce College September 2007 -
May 2008  
7 SU833512
Waste Tires on the Island of Dominica: Survey and Solutions Miller, Shelie
Bornholdt, Hanna
Chamberlain, Jim
Cotrupi, Catherine
Dodd, Nikki
LaFlamme, Laura
McWhorter, Brent
Mey, Brenda Vander
Robbins, Laurie
Ryan, Derek
Sarkar, Saumya  
Clemson University May 2008 -
April 2010  
8 SU833513
Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Solid Acid Catalyst for Improved Use of Waste Oil Feedstock for Biodiesel Production Webster, H. Francis
Bean, Bryan B.
Estes, Christopher
Fuhrer, Timothy J.
Hash, Sabrina R.  
Radford University August 2008 -
July 2010  
9 SU833514
Sustainable Plastics: Designing and Demonstrating Renewable, Biodegradable Products Made of Soy Protein-based Plastics Osswald, Tim
Day, Travis
Dudley, Brandon
Eisenhardt, Scott
Knauf, Stefanie
Ralston, Brian  
University of Wisconsin - Madison September 2007 -
August 2008  
10 SU833515
Social Feasibility of Energy-Efficiency Retrofits and Educational Campaigns for Sustainable Energy Use in Pre-existing College Residence Halls Neff, Rob
McConnell, Virginia D.  
University of Maryland - Baltimore   MD  
11 SU833516
Eco-Friendly Golf Tees Filled with Corn-Based DDGS Tatara, Robert A.
DiOrio, Nicholas R.
Ziemer, Norbert L.  
Northern Illinois University September 2007 -
August 2008  
12 SU833517
The Man’s Jacket Design for Disassembly: an Implementation of C2CAD Framework Cao, Huantian
Bennett, Jaclyn
Farr, Cheryl
Gam, Hae Jin
Heine, Lauren
Helmkamp, Caroline
Rumsey, Rachel  
Oklahoma State University, Green Blue Institute, Illinois State University, Lauren Heine Group LLC September 2007 -
August 2008  
13 SU833518
Nanostructured Material Design for Hg, As, and Se Capture Wilcox, Jennifer
Casey, Catie
Hudon, Katie
Sasmaz, Erdem
Stewart, Elizabeth  
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Stanford University July 2007 -
June 2008  
14 SU833519
Engineering the Biosynthesis of Styrene in Yeast Prata, Joseph
Washburn, Newell
Chandra, Divyam
Clark, Darin
Domach, Michael M.  
Carnegie Mellon University August 2007 -
July 2008  
15 SU833520
Kite Power for Namibia, Africa Olinger, David J.
Alex, Lauren N.
Baldiga, Jonathan D.
Baldwin, Gabriel Photeos
Bertoli, Peter Michael
Buckley, Ryan Patrick
Colschen, Christopher Michael
DeCuir, Michael George
DeStefano, Eric R.
Fekete, Luke
Gary, Scott C.
Hurgin, Max vonGal
Krisnaswamy, Deepa
LaLonde, Taylor A
Lovejoy, Erik J.
Partington, Wayne Robert
Phaneuf, Joseph B.
Sangermano, Michael Joseph
Simone, Nicholas William
Urko, Nicholas Stephen  
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Heifer International’s Overlook Farm Learning Center, Rohm and Haas Company September 2007 -
August 2010  
16 SU833521
Design and Testing of a Point of Use Electrolytic Chlorine Generator for Drinking Water Disinfection in Poor Countries Just, Craig
Donham, Joel
Frystak, Phillip
Gwinnup, Aaron
Heacock, Nicole
Keenan, Alexandra
Lamb, Jon
Lozier, Matthew J.
Meggo, Richard E.
Moriarty, Holly M.
Rhoads, Thomas
Schafer, Michael
Smith, Jessica
Teed, Richard H.
Tuttle, Robert D.  
University of Iowa September 2007 -
May 2008  
17 SU833522
Innovative Biodiesel Production: A Solution to the Scientific, Technical, and Educational Challenges of Sustainability Tuchman, Nancy C.
Ali, Rubina
Anderson, Blake
Bachman, Maria
Beasley, Luke
Berden, Terence
Berns, Matthew
Berthold, Laura
Bigley, Sarah
Burkhalter, Lauryn
Calapiz, Sara
Coffman, Elizabeth A.
Crumrine, David
Deresinski, Greg
Doelling, Rachel
Eames, James Marshall
Fairgrieve, Andrew
Frendreis, John P.
Galanter, Amy
Geddes, Pamela
Hayford, Marc D.
Hoeft, Christopher
Jarrot, John
Kamran, Omar
Kenkell, Julie
Khishfe, Rola F.
Kiley, Maeve M.
Kolano, Pawel
Kordonowy, Matthew
Krogh, Marilyn C.
Krukowski, Kamil
Kufta, Samantha
Larkin, Daniel
Lishawa, Shane C.
Luhtanen, Mia
McKenna, Owen
Miceli, David
Mizak, Pawel
Murphy, Kelly
Olszewski, Michal
Patel, Nital
Peterson, Christopher G.
Rease, Akibu
Ringholm, Elisa
Saliba, John
Schmeling, Martina
Shea, John
Stamm, Cameron
Stowell, Cindy
Varty, Alison K.
Waickman, Zach
Welch, Michael
Weremijewicz, Joanna
Wilk, Emily  
Loyola University of Chicago September 2007 -
September 2008  
18 SU833523
A Closed-Loop Biodiesel Production and Research Facility in Keene, NH Traviss, Nora
Denley, Andrew
DiFraia, Joseph
Grotton, Mike
McKeen, Andrew
Paley, Donna
Plouff, Irissa
Swasey, Joshua
Treadwell, Melinda  
Keene State College September 2008 -
September 2009  
19 SU833524
Novel Reactor Design for Biodiesel Production Cairncross, Richard A.
Cavan, Chad
Cernansky, Nicholas P.
Cochran, David
Leone, Lisa
Lucchesi, Jared
Melick, Cory
Mohammed, Minhazuddin
Okpalanne, Joshua
Ruiz, Africa
Serina, Michael
Shustack, Matthew
Temple, Joshua
Vena, Nicholas
Wilson, Brittany
Wilson, Timothy  
Drexel University August 2007 -
July 2008  
20 SU833525
Power Generation Using Megnetohydrodynamic Generator with a Circulation Flow Driven by Solar-Heat-Induced Natural Convection Li, Peiwen
Barry, Greg
Castellanos, Sergio
Chan, Cho-Lik
Do, Kevin
Gamez, Carlos
Kuhn, Jason
Leon, Andre  
University of Arizona August 2007 -
August 2008  
21 SU833526
Zero Waste Biodiesel: Using Glycerin and Biomass to Create Renewable Energy Norbeck, Joseph
Brady, Sean
Leung, Gregory
Phan, Quoc-Hung
Salam, Christopher
Tam, Kawai
Urak, Ryan  
University of California - Riverside, University of California - Davis August 2007 -
March 2008  
22 SU833527
Sewage Off-Gas-Driven Fuel Cells to Stimulate Rural Electrification Clack, Herek L.
Chen, Liwen
Chung, Brian
Gu, Ray
Mehta, Priyanka
Nguyen, Sammy
Sharma, Kaustubh
Shi, Heling
Tu, Chia-Hao
Zhang, Chen  
Illinois Institute of Technology August 2007 -
May 2008  
23 SU833528
Development Plan of a Sustainable Micro-Hydro Power Plant and Distribution System for a Tribal Village Cluster in Rural India Lall, Upmanu
Danton, Craig
Husko, Chad
Misra, Sid
Ranade, Pratap
Vaghela, Dipti  
Columbia University in the City of New York, Barnard College, Gram Vikas August 2008 -
August 2010  
24 SU833529
Standalone “Green” Community-Center Buildings: Hydrogen Generation/Storage/Delivery System for when Primary Energy Storage is at Capacity McBride, Troy
Ayres, Bill
Chong, Gabriel
Fullerton, Jean
Iezzi, Timothy
Lappin, Dan
Pagut, Thomas
Peropat, Jeremiah
Robinson, Phil
Watson, Heather  
Elizabethtown College September 2007 -
May 2008  
25 SU833530
Catching the Wind: A Low Cost Method for Wind Power Site Assessment Jacobson, Arne E.
Allen, Andrea
Apple, James
Benzonelli, Heidi
Bohn, Juliette
Bracken, Cameron
Deshmukh, Ranjit
Edward, Charles
Johnstone, Peter
Radecsky, Kristen
Sheppard, Colin  
Humboldt State University September 2007 -
May 2008  
26 SU833534
Green Engineering to Reduce the Use of Petroleum Energy Resources. Phase I. Use of Sustainable Sources of Feedstocks for the Production of Biodiesel Fuel – An Undergraduate Educational Program Lewis, John Barkley
Angelini, Mark A.
Goodwin, James P.
Johnson, Ryan A.
Kipp, Dylan R.
Lloyd, W. A.
McCowan, Matthew W.
Nedwick, R.
Perez, J. M.
Redding, Aaron J.
Smith, Leland C.
Stephens, Corey J.  
Pennsylvania State University August 2007 -
July 2008  
27 SU833535
Sustainable Biofuel Systems for Undeveloped Regions Hackleman, David
Backman, Tyler W.H.
Bates, Chris
Friedrichsen, Lucas C.
Lewis, Samantha C.
Prem, Nikhil
Varin, Jessica
Wilcox, Buck  
Oregon State University September 2008 -
August 2010  
28 SU833536
Manufacture of Photovoltaic Solar Cell Using Plant Chlorophyll Gao, Ning
Carr, Reed
Holland, Camden
Kozlowski, Andrew
Lenanyokie, Alice
Rosales, Jon
Webster, Caroline  
St Lawrence University August 2007 -
August 2008  
29 SU833537
Small-Scale Fuel Alcohol Production to Meet University Vehicle Fuel Needs and Promote Regional Sustainable Development Steward, Brian
Altoe, Leandra
Birrell, Stuart
Brumm, Thomas J.
Haegele, Jason
Hermsdorff, W.
Martinez, Marisol
Oliveira, Delly
Sousa e Silva, J. de
Swanson, Eric
Swanson, Stephanie
Vieira, Alberto
Visser, Evan
de Andrade, Marcel Antonionni  
Iowa State University, Federal University of Vicosa September 2007 -
August 2008  
30 SU833538
Solar Lighting for Remote Rural Communities Cumberbatch, Toby
Anipa, David
Batiir, Blandina
Berger, David
Foley, Sara
Galaa, Sylvester
Gazes, Michael
Grun, Ari
Gyimah, Charles
Ho, Allan
Hogan, Ryan
Hsieh, Yann
Jacobs, Ian
Panda, Anurag
Stevenson, James
Wong, Nicholas  
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University of Developmental Studies (UDS) August 2007 -
July 2008  
31 SU833539
Improving Public Awareness of Everyday Chemical Exposures through a 3-D Online Computer-Simulated Educational Game Liu, Chang
Ye, En
Chang, Tiao
Fang, Yanhui
Siemer, Jourdan
Zhong, Ying  
Ohio University - Main Campus September 2007 -
May 2008  
32 SU833540
Software Dashboard for Sustainability Xu, Li
Clark, Janet
Hochberg, Rick
Kuhn, Sarah
Sloan, Thomas
Yang, Zhi  
University of Massachusetts - Lowell October 2007 -
April 2008  
33 SU833541
West African Technology, Education and Reciprocity (WATER) for Benin Striebig, Bradley A.
Appel, Philip
Benegar, Meghan
Brown, Elaine
Cain, Laura
Dooley, Sandra
Dougal, Renae
Fagnant, Christa
Flanery, Jessica
Garrity, Dan
Gieber, Terry
Gilliland, John
Hannafious, Dustin
Hayes, Jamie
Humphreys, Crystal
Jeannot, Mary
Krupski, Paul
Latimer, Kayla
Longinotti, Pia
Luu, Annie
Maxwell, Alex
McPherson, Mathew
Meeks, Justin
Nalelia, Gilbert
Norwood, Susan
Oddo, Jessica
Panasewicz, Lauren
Parrish, Ashley
Pavese, Christopher
Remick, Kim
Scarsella, Maleena
Smeija, Joanne
Tang, Alice
Vacanti, Sarah
Warren, Nadia  
Gonzaga University August 2007 -
April 2008  
34 SU833542
Bioindicators of Sustainable Development Strategies in Subtropical Climates Hertler, Heidi
Beltran, Eric Acevedo
Feliciano, Pedro
Leon, Keyla Pacheco
McAfee, Stephanie
Ortiz-Rodriguez, Stevenson
Portalatin, Sue Gonzalez
Ramirez, Graciela
Rivera, Vanessa
Torres, Joycette  
Inter American Univ of Puerto Rico - San German, Center for Environmental Education Conservation and Research October 2008 -
August 2009  
35 SU833543
Sustainable Water Supply for La Garrucha, Guatemala Zitomer, Daniel
Berg, John
Dollen, Mark Von
Mikus, Amy
Paddock, Michael
Stanley, Adrianna
Wantoch, Alicia  
Marquette University, CH2M-Hill August 2007 -
August 2008  
36 SU833544
Sustainable Community Development – Water Slow-Sand Filtration Bland, Larry
Alvarez, Claudia
Kim, Young-Gurl
Mitchell, TJ
Ruiz, Javier
Soberanis, Luis
Young, Preston  
John Brown University August 2007 -
July 2008  
37 SU833545
Enhanced Nutrient Removal from On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Hu, Zhiqiang
Cole, Jamie
Liang, Zhihua
MaCulloch, Andrew
Nguyen, Huy
Thompson, Allen
Trauth, Kathleen M.  
University of Missouri - Columbia August 2007 -
August 2008  
38 SU833546
Sustainable Water Development Program for Rural Nigeria Shannon, Mark A.
Barnes, Benjamin
Burns, Amanda
Fierce, Laura
Ilo, Cajetan
Litchfield, Bruce
Sawa, Joseph
Somers, Maren
Walsh, Daniel  
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign May 2008 -
April 2010  
39 SU833547
Water Treatment and Education in Villahermosa, Mexico Houchens, Brent C.
McStravick, David M.
Beach, Kelsey E.
Boyle, Paul M.
Campo, Laura M.
Campos, Felix I.
Corcoran, Clint C.
Felix, Tiye T.
Hamshari, Ali N.
Kelm, Walter A.
Langsfeld, Joshua D.
Stamatakis, Christina C.
Steger, Scott T.
Tuttle, James J.  
Rice University September 2007 -
August 2008  
40 SU833548
Development and Evaluation of Three Simple, Low-Cost, Low-Tech Tests for Microbial Fecal Indicators in Drinking Water Sobsey, Mark D.
Casanova, Lisa
Chung, Sandra
Love, David
Lusk, Tina
McMahan, Lanakila
Stauber, Christine
Tajuba, Julianne  
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill September 2007 -
September 2008  
41 SU833549
Design of Sustainable Water Supply and Distribution System for Pignon, Haiti Pagilla, Krishna
Abdullahi, Abdulkamal B.
Ballog, Matt
Bielskus, Algirdas
Dike, Chukwuderaa
Miot, Alexandre
Nizich, Adam
Radloff, Eric
Rokita, Mark
Taylor, Mark
Venkatesan, Dhesikan
Weissman, Kathryn  
Illinois Institute of Technology October 2007 -
May 2008  
42 SU833550
A Sustainable Approach to Preserve the Choctawhatchee Coastal Dune Lakes of Florida Jawitz, James W.
Bhadha, Jehangir H.
Brenner, Mark
Brown, Gordon
Bunch, Aaron
Kaplan, David  
University of Florida September 2007 -
March 2008  
43 SU833551
The Development of an Indigenous Fluoride Filter Cumberbatch, Toby
Atipoka, Faustina
Ayamgah, Gilbert
Batiir, Blandina
Berger, David
Freed, Leah
Momade, Francis
Nyarku, Michael
Pervez, Nadia
Ponce, Beatrix
Rana, Sikha
Venugopal, Varsha
Volk, Lindsay  
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) August 2007 -
July 2008  
44 SU833552
Developing a Small Business in Response to a Stormwater Utility for the New Jersey Meadowlands Obropta, Christopher
Flaherty, Robert
Kang, Kathleen
Rashkovsky, Michael
Silang, Jericho  
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey August 2007 -
July 2008  
45 SU833553
Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation in Rural Bangladesh Gadgil, Ashok
Amrose, Susan
Cheng, Deborah
Huang, Jessica
Kostecki, Robert
Kowolik, Kristin
Muller, Marc
Srinivasan, Venkat  
University of California - Berkeley September 2007 -
September 2008  
46 SU833554
Sustainable Biological Phosphorous Removal: A New Theory to Meet Increasingly Stringent Effluent Discharge Requirements Barkouki, Tammer H.
Loge, Frank
Al-Najjar, Muamar
Anderson, Dane
Anderson, Jeffery
Moniz, Ryan  
University of California - Davis August 2007 -
July 2008  
47 SU833555
Development and Monitoring of a Sustainable Affordable Housing Community in Southwest Florida Gulf Coast University Fitch, John   Florida Gulf Coast University August 2007 -
July 2008  
48 SU833556
A Stormwater Constructed Wetland Using Renewable and Recyclable Materials and Native Wetland Plants Idol, Travis
Caraway, Kaori
Cho, Alyssa
Ferguson, Carol
Gautz, Loren
McDowell, Brianna
Mihlbauer, Edward
Real de Oliveira, Verawati Corte
Saunter, Matthew
Sylva, Traci
Takara, Devin  
University of Hawaii at Manoa October 2008 -
September 2009  
49 SU833557
Development, Design and Consumer Testing of Marketable Residential LED Light Luminaires Anneberg, Lisa
Arch, D.
Feng, Jin
Means, Janice K.
Snyder, Christina  
Lawrence Technological University August 2007 -
July 2008  
50 SU833558
Green Retrofitting Residential Buildings Peters, Catherine A.
Anderson, Stuart
Borchard, Sam
Chua, Dora
Johns, Katrina
Liang, Yin
Oliver, Ben
Parushev, Doba
Weissinger, Emily
Yang, Regina  
Princeton University August 2007 -
August 2008  
51 SU833559
Sustainable Overlay District (SOD) Methodology Chilton, Kenneth M.
Walters, David R.  
University of North Carolina at Charlotte August 2007 -
July 2008  
52 SU833560
The Boone Bicycle Initiative: A Community Based Project to Promote Bicycles as an Alternative Mode of Transportation Raichle, Brian W.
Hertz, Dan
Krieg, Gabriel Solomon
Moody, Alex
Nelson, J. Grey
Watts, Alan Charles
Winston, Susan  
Appalachian State University September 2007 -
August 2008  
53 SU833561
Architecture as Pedagogy: Interdisciplinary Design and Creation of a Carbon Neutral Idaho Environmental Learning Center at the University of Idaho McCall Field Campus Haglund, Bruce T.
Arwyn, Lauriel
Awwad-Rafferty, Rula
Dolence, Jacob
Drown, Stephen
Hollenhorst, Steven
Horn, Crystal Van
Jacobus, Frank
Kullgren, Jenn
Personns, Hanna
Westerfield, Lynne  
University of Idaho August 2007 -
August 2008  
54 SU833562
Production of Natural Plastics in Wastewater Treatment Loge, Frank
Matsumura, Kristen
Bissell, John
Cheng, Mary
Liu, Hsin-Ying
Pan, Jimmy
Srinivasaragavan, Anamica  
University of California - Davis September 2007 -
May 2008  
55 SU833563
Paving the Way to a “Greener” Campus: Alternative Paving Materials for Pollution Control and Aesthetic Appeal Stearns, Anne M.
Ahrens, Luke
Berger, Amy C.
Boehler, Christopher
Drushel, Jonathon
Evans, Michelle
Krieger, Kenneth A.
Lamoreaux, Matthew
Puchta, Derek
Roerdink, Aaron R.
Ryan, James
Schwarz, Benjamin
Stark, Traci S.
Thomas, Kristi
Williams, Amanda
Wood, Katherine  
Heidelberg College August 2007 -
May 2008  
56 SU833564
Reducing the Waste Stream: Bringing Environmental, Economical, and Educational Composting to a Liberal Arts College Kanazawa, Mark
Bansberg, Claire
Bosworth, Claire
Dornfelt, Tess
Melton, Ali
Rothman, Jesse
Sawtell, Shaun  
Carleton College May 2006 -
September 2008  
57 SU833565
The Cast Paper Dome: An Opportunity to Develop New Materials and Construction Techniques for Sustainable Building Krawczyk, Robert
Al-Awadhi, Lolwah
Bambrell, Jennifer
Banda, Justine
Baulier, Paul
Blosky, Mitch
Chima, Steve
Christo, Robert
Davis, Blake
Derdelakos, Alexander
Duke, Kyle
Duong, Cindy
Enriquez, Sheena
Fernandez, Louis
Ghafoori, Marc
Harbour, Zach
Herrera, Johathan
Kim, James
Kim, Yoojee
Lipski, Brian
Ly, Christine
Morton, Stacy
Nguyen, Linh
Noonan, Christina
Ongchangco, Katrina
Phillips, Timothy
Rinecke, Jonathan
Rios, Homero
Schafer, Michael
Skinner, Jonathan
Vega, Mayra
Villa, Jacqueline
Walker, Jason
Zistakis, Nikola  
Illinois Institute of Technology September 2007 -
May 2008  
58 SU833566
Place-Based Green Building: Integrating Local Environmental and Planning Analysis into Green Building Guidelines Retzlaff, Rebecca
Patel, Falguni
Sawant, Rajesh  
Auburn University Main Campus August 2007 -
March 2008  

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