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Fate and Effects of Hormones in Waste from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOS)

Request for Applications closing date: August 9, 2006

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R833417
Fate of Hormones in Tile-Drained Fields and Impact to Aquatic Organisms Under Different Animal Waste Land-Application Practices Lee, Linda S.
Jafvert, Chad T.
Sepulveda, Marisol S.
Turco, Ronald F.  
Purdue University April 2007 -
April 2011  
2 R833418
Transport/Fate/Ecological Effects of Steroids from Poultry Litter & Evaluations of Existing/Novel Management Strategies Fisher, Daniel J.
Kane, Andrew S.
Klauda, Ronald J.
Staver, Kenneth
VanVeld, Peter
Yonkos, Lance T.  
Wye Research and Education Center, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, School of Medicine at the University of Maryland, Virginia Institute of Marine Science August 2007 -
June 2010
(Extended to July 2012)  
3 R833419
Fate of Hormones in Waste from Concentrated Broiler Feeding Operations Cabrera, Miguel L.
Endale, Dinku
Fairchild, Brian D.
Franklin, Dorcas H.
Hartel, Peter G.
Hassan, Sayed
Kissel, David E.
Radcliffe, David E.
Vencill, William K.  
University of Georgia, USDA, ARS July 2007 -
June 2010
(Extended to June 2012)  
4 R833420
An Integrated Approach to Developing a Total Facility Estrogen Budget at a Swine Farrowing CAFO Kullman, Seth W.
Linden, Karl G.
Meyer, M. T.
Reckhow, Kenneth H.  
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, North Carolina State University, Duke University, Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory, Pratt School of Engineering, United States Geological Survey [USGS] February 2008 -
January 2013
(Extended to January 2014)  
5 R833421
Assessing Occurrence, Persistence and Biological Effects of Hormones Released from Livestock Waste Hemming, Jocelyn
Barry, Terence
Schauer, James J.
Shafer, Martin M.  
University of Wisconsin - Madison July 2007 -
June 2010
(Extended to June 2011)  
6 R833422
Transport and Transformation of Natural and Synthetic Steroid Hormones at Beef Cattle and Dairy Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Sedlak, David L.
Harter, Thomas
Kolodziej, Edward P.  
University of California - Berkeley, University of California - Davis, University of Nevada - Reno October 2007 -
September 2010
(Extended to September 2012)  
7 R833423
Effects of Cattle Manure Handling and Management Strategies on Fate and Transport of Hormones in the Feedlot and the Field Snow, Daniel
Bartelt-Hunt, Shannon
Kranz, William
Mader, Terry
Shapiro, Charles
Shelton, David
Zhang, Tian C.  
University of Nebraska at Lincoln July 2007 -
June 2009
(Extended to June 2011)  

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