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Ecological Effects of Environmental Stressors Using Coastal Intensive Sites

Request for Applications closing date: April 1, 1998

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R826938
CISNet for the Neuse River Estuary, NC: A Program for Evaluating Nitrogen Driven Eutrophication Associated with Changing Land Use in a Coastal Watershed Luettich Jr., Richard A.
Paerl, Hans
Pinckney, Jay  
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill October 1998 -
September 2001  
2 R826939
CISNet: Coral Bleaching, UV Effects, and Multiple Stressors in the Florida Keys Anderson, Susan L.
Brown, Heather
Cherr, Gary N.
Hansen, Lara
Jackson, Susan
Machula, Jana
Mueller, Erich
Oliver, Leah
Santavy, Debbie
Zepp, Richard  
University of California - Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory, NERL and NHEERL, OW - OCPD, Region 4 and 6( Gulf of Mexico Progr, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency October 1998 -
September 2001  
3 R826940
CISNet San Pablo Bay Network of Environmental Stress Indicators Schladow, S. G.
Collins, Joshua N
Davis, Jay A
Nur, N.
Schoellhamer, D.
Siegel, S.
Thompson, Bobbi
Werner, I.
Young, T. M.  
University of California - Davis, Point Reyes Bird Observatory, San Francisco Estuary Institute, United States Geological Survey [USGS] October 1998 -
September 2001  
4 R826941
The Choptank River: A Mid-Chesapeake Bay Index Site for Evaluating Ecosystems Responses to Nutrient Management Malone, Thomas C.
Boicourt, William C.
Cornwell, Jeffrey C.
Harding Jr., Lawrence W.
Stevenson, J. Court  
Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science September 1998 -
September 2001
(Extended to September 2002)  
5 R826942
CISNet: In Situ and Remote Monitoring of Productivity and Nutrient Cycles in Puget Sound Emerson, Steven
Devol, Allan
MacCready, Parker
Newton, Jan
Perry, Mary Jane  
University of Washington October 1998 -
September 2001
(Extended to September 2002)  
6 R826943
Rhode River CISNet: Estuarine Optical Properties as an Integrative Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Stressors Gallegos, Charles L.
Correll, David L.
Jordan, Thomas E.
Neale, Patrick J.  
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center October 1998 -
September 2001  
7 R826944
CISNet: Molecular to Landscape-Scale Monitoring of Estuarine Eutrophication Morris, James T.
Fletcher, Madilyn
Jensen, John
Lewitus, Alan
Noble, Peter
Porter, Dwayne  
University of South Carolina at Columbia October 1998 -
September 2001
(Extended to September 2002)  
8 R826945
CISNet: Nutrient Inputs as a Stressor and Net Nutrient Flux as an Indicator of Stress Response in Delaware's Inland Bays Ecosystem Ullman, William J.
Andres, A. Scott
Krantz, David E.
Madsen, John M.
McKenna, Thomas E.
Scudlark, Joseph R.
Wong, Kuo-Chuin  
University of Delaware, United States Geological Survey [USGS], University of Toledo October 1998 -
September 2001
(Extended to September 2002)  

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