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Regional Development, Population Trend, and Technology Change Impacts on Future Air Pollution Emissions

Request for Applications closing date: February 5, 2004

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R831835
Advanced Modeling System for Forecasting Regional Development, Travel Behavior, and Spatial Pattern of Emissions Rodriguez, Daniel
Arunachalam, Sarav
Frey, H. Christopher
Hanna, Adel
Huntsinger, Leta
Khattak, Asad
Morton, Brian J.
Rouphail, Nagui
Song, Yan  
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, Old Dominion University September 2004 -
November 2009  
2 R831836
Methodology for Assessing the Effects of Technological and Economic Changes on the Location, Timing and Ambient Air Quality Impacts of Power Sector Emissions Ellis, Joseph H.
Burtraw, Dallas
Hobbs, Benjamin F.
Palmer, Karen  
The Johns Hopkins University, Resources for the Future February 2005 -
January 2008
(Extended to January 2009)  
3 R831837
Integrating Land Use, Transportation, and Air Quality Modeling Waddell, Paul
Bhat, Chandra
Layton, David F
Outwater, Maren
Pendyala, Ram  
University of Washington - Seattle, Cambridge Systematics, Inc, The University of Texas at Austin, University of South Florida September 2004 -
September 2007
(Extended to September 2008)  
4 R831838
Air Quality, Emissions, Growth, and Change: A Method to Prescribe a Desirable Future Chang, Michael E.
Akhtar, Farhan
Carpenter, Ann
Chapman, James
Chirico, Jennifer M
Noonan, Douglas
Russell, Armistead G.
Weber, Ed  
Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus, Lawrence Frank and Company, Inc. December 2004 -
November 2007
(Extended to November 2009)  
5 R831839
Predicting the Relative Impacts of Urban Development Policies and On-Road Vehicle Technologies on Air Quality in the United States: Modeling and Analysis of a Case Study in Austin, Texas McDonald-Buller, Elena
Allen, David T.
Kockelman, Kara
Parmenter, Barbara  
The University of Texas at Austin December 2004 -
December 2007
(Extended to December 2008)  
6 R831840
Modeling the Effects of Land Use and Technology Change on Future Air Quality in the Upper Midwestern United States Stone, Brian J
Holloway, Tracey  
Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus, University of Wisconsin - Madison January 2005 -
December 2007
(Extended to December 2008)  
7 R831841
A Long Term Integrated Framework Linking Urban Development, Demographic Trends and Technology Changes to Stationary and Mobile Source Emissions Anas, Alex
Hewings, Geoffrey  
The State University of New York at Buffalo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign November 2004 -
October 2007
(Extended to October 2010)  
8 R831842
Regional Development, Population Trend, and Technology Change Impacts on Future Air Pollution Emissions in the San Joaquin Valley Kleeman, Michael J.
Handy, Susan
Lund, Jay
Niemeier, Deb
Sullivan, Dana Coe  
University of California - Davis, Sonoma Technology, Inc. October 2004 -
September 2007
(Extended to September 2010)  

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