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Development of Watershed Classification Systems for Diagnosis of Biological Impairment in Watersheds and Their Receiving Water Bodies

Request for Applications closing date: January 29, 2003

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R831364
A Hierarchical Classification System for Identifying Restoration and Protection Priorities in Mined Appalachian Watersheds Ziemkiewicz, P.
Petty, J. Todd
Stiles, James  
West Virginia University January 2004 -
August 2007  
2 R831365
A Watershed Classification System and Geomorphic Tool to Predict Habitat Variables in the Western Allegheny Plateau Ecoregion: Toward Refined Biocriteria and Stressor Identification of Impaired Streams Rankin, Edward
Amaning, Kwarteng
Bussee, Brianne
Carlson, Bill
Clust, Mike
Doyle, Brian
Dyer, James
Harris, Breanna
Hollingsworth, Emily
Johnson, Kelli
Johnson, Kelly
King, Lisa
Kinney, Chad
Larkins, Clayton
Lopez, Dina
Meyer, Christine
Morman, Tracy
North, Sheila
Renner, Jared
Rose, Levi
Smucker, Nate
Springer, Gregory
Stoertz, Mary
Stuart, Ben
Verb, Bob
Vis-Chiasson, Morgan
Yoder, Chris
Zalack, Jason  
Ohio University - Main Campus October 2005 -
September 2007
(Extended to September 2009)  
3 R831367
Linking Watershed Characteristics with Flow Regime and Geomorphic Context to Diagnose Water Quality Impairment at Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales Poff, N. LeRoy
Bledsoe, Brian P.
Dean, Denis
Ramirez, Jorge A.  
Colorado State University November 2003 -
October 2007  
4 R831368
Model-based Clustering for Classification of Aquatic Systems and Diagnosis of Ecological Stress Smith, Eric
Bates, Samantha
Berkson, Jim
Brannan, Kevin
Mostaghimi, Saied
Orth, Donald J.
Yagow, Gene  
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University November 2003 -
November 2006  
5 R831369
A Watershed Classification System for Improved Monitoring and Restoration: Landscape Indicators of Watershed Impairment Prince, Stephen D.
Goetz, Scott J.
Jordan, Thomas E.
Weller, Donald E.  
Chesapeake Research Consortium, Mid-Atlantic Regional Earth Science Applications Center, University of Maryland, Woods Hole Research Center, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center February 2004 -
January 2007  

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