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Development of Watershed Classification Systems for Diagnosis of Biological Impairment in Watersheds

Request for Applications closing date: January 30, 2002

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R830593
Classifying and Prioritizing Watersheds for Protection and Restoration Brooks, Robert P.
Constantz, George D.
Patil, G. P.  
Pennsylvania State University, Canaan Valley Institute January 2003 -
June 2005  
2 R830594
Testing Watershed Classifications Relevant to Bioassessment, Conservation Planning, and Watershed Restoration Hawkins, Charles P.
Baker, Michelle
Cao, Yong
Higgins, Jonathan
Lammert Khoury, Mary
Schmidt, John C.
Stevenson, R. Jan
Tarboton, David G.  
Utah State University, Michigan State University, Nature Conservancy, The January 2003 -
December 2005
(Extended to November 2006)  
3 R830595
Linking Land Use Change, Stream Geomorphology, and Aquatic Biodiversity in a Hierarchical Classification Scheme Watzin, Mary C.
Hession, W. C.
Keeton, William S.
Troy, Austin R.  
University of Vermont December 2002 -
November 2005
(Extended to November 2006)  
4 R830596
Ecological Classification of Rivers for Environmental Assessment: Demonstration, Validation, and Application to Regional Risk Assessment Across Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin Seelbach, Paul W.
Aichele, Stephen S.
Allan, David
Austen, Douglas
Baker, Edward
Bissell, Ed
Brenden, Travis
Clark, Richard D.
Cooper, Arthur
Day, David
DePhilip, Michelle
Dolan, Chad
Hinz, Leon
Holtrop, Ann
Lyons, John
Mitro, Matt
Pijanowski, Bryan
Steen, Paul
Stevenson, R. Jan
Stewart, Jana
Wang, Lizhu
Wehrly, Kevin E.
Wiley, Michael J.
Zorn, Troy  
Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Natural History Survey, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Nature Conservancy, The, Purdue University, United States Geological Survey [USGS], Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources December 2002 -
December 2006  
5 R830597
Development of Watershed Classification Systems for Diagnosis of Biological Impairment in Watersheds and Their Receiving Water Bodies Martinko, Ed
Dobson, Jerome E.
Huggins, Donald
Jakubauskas, Mark E.
Liechti, Paul M.
Price, Kevin
Thorp, James
Whistler, Jerry L.
deNoyelles, Frank J.  
University of Kansas March 2003 -
March 2006  
6 R831366
Stream Classification for TMDL Assessment Using a Dimensionless, Reference Reach Approach Wilson, Bruce
Nieber, John L.
Perry, James A.
Vondracek, Bruce  
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities November 2003 -
November 2006  

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