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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Grant Amount PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date Extended End Date State
1 R832222
Linking Impacts of Climate Change to Carbon and Phosphorus Dynamics Along a Salinity Gradient in Tidal Marshes Vile, Melanie A.
Neubauer, Scott C.
Weston, Nathaniel
Velinsky, D. J.  
Academy of Natural Sciences, Villanova University, University of South Carolina at Columbia $705,211   April 14, 2005 -
April 13, 2008
(Extended to April 13, 2010)  
April 14, 2005   April 13, 2008  
April 13, 2010  
2 R827631
Response of Methylmercury Production and Accumulation to Changes in Hg Loading: A Whole-ecosystem Mercury Loading Study Gilmour, Cynthia C.
Heyes, Andrew
Rudd, John M
Mason, Robert P.  
Academy of Natural Sciences, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Freshwater Institute, University of Maryland, University of Maryland Research Centers $848,029   October 01, 1999 -
September 30, 2002
(Extended to September 30, 2003)  
October 01, 1999   September 30, 2002  
September 30, 2003  
3 R827097
Effects of Low Dissolved Oxygen on Trophic Interactions, Distributions, and Survival Within the Dominant Planktonic Food Web of a Eutrophic Temperate Estuary Breitburg, Denise L.
Decker, Mary Beth
Rose, Kenneth A.
Purcell, Jennifer E.  
Academy of Natural Sciences $374,559   May 01, 1999 -
April 30, 2002  
May 01, 1999   April 30, 2002     PA  
4 R825798
Riparian Reforestation in an Urbanizing Watershed: Effects of Upland Conditions on Instream Ecological Benefits Hession, W. C.
Charles, Donald F.
Velinsky, D. J.
Pizzuto, J. E.
Newbold, J. Denis
Marshall, B.
Kreeger, D. A.
Johnson, T. E.
Horwitz, R. J.
Hart, D. D.  
Academy of Natural Sciences, Patrick Center for Environmental Research, University of Delaware, University of Vermont $837,685   June 01, 1998 -
May 31, 2001  
June 01, 1998   May 31, 2001     PA  

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