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Critical Stages in Avian Development: Estrogen Hazards to Altricial and Precocial Birds
Grant Number R825294
RFA: Endocrine Disruptors (1996)
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Journal Article Millam JR, Craig-Veit CB, Quaglino AE, Erichsen AL, Famula TR, Fry DM. Post-hatch oral estrogen exposure impairs adult reproductive performance of Zebra Finch in a sex-specific manner. Hormones and Behavior 2001;40(4):542-549. R825294 (Final)
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Journal Article Quaglino AE, Craig-Veit CB, Viant MR, Erichsen AL, Fry DM, Millam JR. Oral estrogen masculinizes female Zebra Finch song system. Hormones and Behavior 2002;41(2):236-241. R825294 (Final)
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Journal Article Viant MR, Millam JR, Delany ME, Fry DM. Regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor messenger RNA levels in avian hypothalamic slice cultures. Neuroscience 2000;99(2):373-380. R825294 (Final)
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