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A Noncryogenic Tunable Diode Laser Monitor for On-Road Vehicle Emissions
Grant Number 68D00270
RFA: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) - Phase II (2000)
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Journal Article Nelson DD, Shorter JS, McManus JB, Zahniser MS. Sub-part-per-billion detection of nitric oxide in air using a thermoelectrically cooled mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectrometer. Applied Physics B 2002;75(2-3):343-350. 68D00270 (Final)
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Proceedings McManus JB, Nelson DD, Shorter JH, Zahniser MS. Quantum cascade lasers for open- and closed-path measurement of atmospheric trace gases. In: Diode Lasers and Applications in Atmospheric Sensing, SPIE Proceedings, 2002, Vol. 4817, pp. 22-33. 68D00270 (Final)
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