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A Neurovascular Unit on Chip for Reducing Animals in Organophosphate Neurotoxicology
Grant Number R839504
RFA: Advancing Actionable Alternatives to Vertebrate Animal Testing for Chemical Safety Assessment (2018)
Journal Article (2)
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Journal Article Miller DR, Schaffer DK, Neely MD, McClain ES, Travis AR, Block III FE, McKenzie JR, Werner EM, Armstrong L, Markov DA, Bowman AB. A bistable, multiport valve enables microformulators creating microclinical analyzers that reveal aberrant glutamate metabolism in astrocytes derived from a tuberous sclerosis patient. Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical 2021;341:129972. R839504 (2021)
Journal Article Miller DR, McClain ES, Dodds JN, Balinski A, May JC, McLean JA, Cliffel DE. Chlorpyrifos Disrupts Acetylcholine Metabolism Across Model Blood-Brain Barrier. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 2021;9. R839504 (2021)