Contact Information
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Name: Stuart W. Baur
Location:University of Missouri - Rolla
Phone:(573) 341-7236
Street Address:329 Butler-Carlton Hall
1870 Miner Circle
Zip Code:65409

Associated Project Details for: Stuart W. Baur
SU833953 Residential Building Adaptive Energy Management System (R-BAEMS) Design Grant August 31, 2008 through July 31, 2009
SU834734 Chameleon Automated Residential Energy Management System Grant August 15, 2010 through August 14, 2011
SU835073 Climate-Responsive Adaptive Controls for Natural Ventilation Grant August 15, 2011 through August 14, 2012
Principal Investigator:
SU831852 Development and Modeling of Reactive Building Systems: Climate and Illumination Grant September 30, 2004 through May 30, 2005
SU832487 S.T.E.P. (Solar Thermal/Electric Panel):Full-Scale Performance Data and Energy Testing Grant October 1, 2005 through May 30, 2006
SU833164 Converting Energy from Reclaimed Heat: Thermal Electric Generator Grant October 1, 2006 through May 1, 2007
SU833929 UMR’s Design for an Environmental STEP Ahead: Solar Thermal Electric Panels Grant August 31, 2008 through July 31, 2009
SU835520 A Climate-Responsive Adaptive Control for a Combination Passive Solar Shading and Natural Ventilation Grant August 15, 2013 through August 14, 2014