Institution Information
Name: University of Missouri - Rolla
EPA Region:7
Street Address:1870 Miner Circle
Zip Code:65401

Associated Project Details for: University of Missouri - Rolla
12 Projects listed for this institution:
F07P31142 Untitled Undergraduate Fellowship Fellowship July 24, 2007 through April 24, 2009
F8P11069 Solubility and Mobility of Toxic Metals Under Complex Conditions Fellowship August 5, 2008 through April 25, 2010
F8P31059 Gas Phase Exposure History Derived from Material Phase Concentration Profiles Using Solid Phase Micro-Extraction Fellowship August 12, 2008 through April 25, 2010
U914951 Identification and Characterization of Complex Dynamic Structure in Spark Ignition Engines Fellowship January 1, 1996 through January 1, 1999
R823360 Pollution Prevention and Enhancement of Biodegradability via Isomer Elimination in Consumer Products Grant October 1, 1995 through September 30, 1998
R834865 Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies Grant January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2016
SU831829 Ground Water Remediation Powered with Renewable Energy Grant September 30, 2004 through May 30, 2005
SU831852 Development and Modeling of Reactive Building Systems: Climate and Illumination Grant September 30, 2004 through May 30, 2005
SU832487 S.T.E.P. (Solar Thermal/Electric Panel):Full-Scale Performance Data and Energy Testing Grant October 1, 2005 through May 30, 2006
SU833164 Converting Energy from Reclaimed Heat: Thermal Electric Generator Grant October 1, 2006 through May 1, 2007
SU833165 A New Approach for Biodiesel Production from Algae Grant September 1, 2006 through May 31, 2007
SU835520 A Climate-Responsive Adaptive Control for a Combination Passive Solar Shading and Natural Ventilation Grant August 15, 2013 through August 14, 2014