Institution Information
Name: University of Wyoming
EPA Region:8
Street Address:Corner of Ninth and Ivinson
Zip Code:82071

Associated Project Details for: University of Wyoming
19 Projects listed for this institution:
F13B21520 Abrupt Climate Change in the Northern Mid- Latitudes Circa 5 ka: Pollen-Inferred Evidence for Hemispheric-Scale Climate Change Fellowship August 15, 2014 through August 15, 2016
F5B30323 Strontium Isotopic Tracing Of Coal Bed Natural Gas Product Water To Determine Potential Beneficial Uses And Recharge Into Shallow Groundwater Systems. Fellowship June 1, 2003 through May 1, 2008
F6C61448 General Equilibrium Model of Zebra Mussel Invasion into the Western United States Fellowship September 1, 2006 through September 1, 2009
FP917236 Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Climate Change Impacts on a Specialized Terrestrial System Fellowship September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2013
FP917373 How Do Polar Bears Cope With Summer Conditions Altered by Climate Change? Fellowship August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2014
U914997 Marbled Murrelet Use of Landscapes in Southern Oregon and California Fellowship January 1, 1996 through January 1, 1999
U915640 Photolytic Impact on Dissolved Organic Matter: Implications for Copper-Organic Binding and Toxicity in Natural Waters Fellowship January 1, 1999 through January 1, 2002
R824100 Solid-Matrix Luminescence Analysis of B[a]P-DNA Adducts Grant October 1, 1995 through September 30, 1998
R826199 Application of Sediment Quality Criteria for Metals to a Montane Lotic Ecosystem: Field Validation During Reclamation of a Copper Mine Causing Acid Mine Drainage Grant April 1, 1998 through March 31, 2001
R828716 Benefit Transfer Using Values from Adult-oriented Studies to Evaluate Children's Health Effects (Phase 1 - - Theory) Grant December 1, 2000 through November 30, 2003
R828717 Environmental Risks to Children's Health: Parents' Risk Beliefs, Protective Behavior, and Willingness to Pay Grant January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2003
R829426E01 Wyoming EPA/EPSCoR Proposal - Strategic Improvement Plan Grant July 17, 2002 through September 30, 2004
R829426E02 Influence of Bio-Pollution on Ecosystem Processes: The Impact Introduced Lake Trout on Streams and Terrestrial Predators in Yellowstone National Park Grant July 15, 2002 through September 30, 2004
R829640 The Influence of Climate-Induced Alterations in Dissolved Organic Matter on Metal Toxicity and UV Radiation in Rocky Mountain Streams Grant April 1, 2002 through April 1, 2005
R830819 Predicting and Valuing Species Populations in an Integrated Economic/Ecosystem Model Grant July 17, 2003 through February 28, 2005
R833016 Non-Linear Response of Prairie Pothole Landscapes to Climate Change and Land Management Grant July 1, 2006 through July 31, 2010
R834387 Risk-Based Decision Making for Assessing Potential Impacts of Geologic CO2 Sequestration on Drinking-Water Sources Grant February 1, 2010 through January 31, 2013
R835883 Interplay Between Black and Brown Carbon from Biomass Burning and Climate Grant January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018
SU834705 Dynamic Energy Saving in Buildings with Underfloor Air Distribution System – Experimental and simulation studies Grant August 15, 2010 through August 14, 2011

3 Additional Projects listed as performed at this location:2595
R825549C059 Identifying Ground-Water Threats from Improperly Abandoned Boreholes Center May 1, 1995 through May 1, 1999
R825549C061 Biofilm Barriers for Waste Containment Center May 18, 1995 through May 1, 1997
R829500C007 Bioaccumulation and Toxicity of Dietborne Particulate Metals to Benthic Invertebrates Center April 1, 2002 through March 31, 2005