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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date State
1 R832306
Bringing Global Thinking to Local Sustainability Efforts: A Collaborative Project for the Boston Metropolitan Region Raskin, Paul
Goldstein, James
Huber-Lee, Annette
Rajan, Sudhir Chella
Sieber, Jack
Vergragt, Philip  
Tellus Institute January 2005 -
December 2007  
January 2005   December 2007   MA  
2 X3831781
Framework for Sustainable Watershed Management Najjar, Ken
Hantush, Muhamed
Sloto, Ron
Todd, Craig
Woodling, John
Young, Leroy  
Delaware River Basin Commission, Monroe County Conservation District, Monroe County Planning Commission, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, U.S. EPA, United States Geological Survey [USGS] October 2004 -
May 2008  
October 2004   May 2008   NJ  
3 X3832202
Industrial Ecology, Pollution Prevention and the New York/New Jersey Harbor Panero, Marta A.   New York Academy of Sciences March 2005 -
March 2007  
March 2005   March 2007   NY  
4 X3832203
Moving Toward Sustainable Manufacturing Through Efficient Materials & Energy Use Goldberg, Terri
Reibstein, Rick
Richard, Paul  
New England Waste Management Officials Association, Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association, Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance October 2006 -
March 2007  
October 2006   March 2007   MA  
5 X3832204
Multi-Objective Decision Model for Urban Water Use: Planning for a Regional Water Reuse Ordinance Anderson, Paul R.
Elam, Jesse A.
Miller, Gary
Piwoni, Marvin
VanderVelde, George
Wickenkamp, Jeffery A.  
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Illinois Waste Management and Research Center, Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission May 2005 -
December 2008  
May 2005   December 2008   IL  
6 X3832205
Harnessing the Hydrologic Disturbance Regime: Sustaining Multiple Benefits in Large River Floodplains in the Pacific Northwest Gregory, Stanley V.
Haggerty, Roy
Hulse, David  
Oregon State University, University of Oregon May 2005 -
April 2008  
May 2005   April 2008   OR  
7 X3832206
Ecological Sustainability in Rapidly Urbanizing Watersheds: Evaluating Strategies Designed to Mitigate Impacts on Stream Ecosystems Palmer, Margaret A.
Curtis, Meosotis
Hennessey, Amy
Kelly, Kevin
VanNess, Keith  
University of Maryland May 2005 -
April 2008
(Extended to April 2009)  
May 2005   April 2008
(Extended to April 2009)  
8 X3832207
Using Market Forces to Implement Sustainable Stormwater Management Middaugh, Jim
Allen, Jeff
Feighner, Gordon
Kliewer, Dave
Shinn, Craig
Vizzini, Dan
Wahl, Mary  
City of Portland, City of Portland, OR, Portland State University, University of Oregon May 2005 -
December 2008  
May 2005   December 2008   OR  
9 X3832209
Land Use Sustainability Index for Puerto Rico Juncos-Gautier, Marìa
Gonzalez-Toro, Antonio C.
Padin, Carlos M.
Santana, Jose R  
Universidad Metropolitana May 2005 -
April 2009  
May 2005   April 2009   PR  
10 X3832210
Transforming Office Parks into Transit Villages Raney, Steve
Paxson, James
Wornum, Chris  
Cities21, Cambridge Systematics, Inc., Hacienda Business Park Owners Association January 2005 -
March 2007  
January 2005   March 2007   CA  
11 X3832305
Cuyahoga Sustainability Network Schwartz, Stuart S.
Bradley, Allen
Mikelbank, Brian
Reichert, Alan
Schwarz, Terry  
University of Maryland - Baltimore County, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, University of Iowa May 2005 -
November 2010  
May 2005   November 2010   MD  
12 X3832386
Integrating Water Supply Management and Ecological Flow Requirements Smith, Mark P.
Apse, Colin
Archfield, Stacey
Gao, Yongxuan
Huber-Lee, Annette
Joyce, Brian
Purkey, David
Sieber, Jack
Vogel, Richard  
Nature Conservancy, The, Stockholm Environmental Institute, Tellus Institute, Tufts University May 2005 -
April 2008
(Extended to October 2009)  
May 2005   April 2008
(Extended to October 2009)  
13 X832208 aka R832208
Sustainable Sandhills: Developing a Plan for Regional Sustainability Parsons, Jon
Brown, Jeff
Perritt, Richard
Pulsipher, Susan  
Sustainable Sandhills, North Carolina Department of Commerce, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources August 2005 -
September 2008  
August 2005   September 2008   NC  

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