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Urban Waste Management and Research Center (University New Orleans)

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Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Barbe DE, Carnelos S, McCorquodale JA. Climatic effect on water quality evaluation. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A 2001;36(10):1919-1933. R825427C011 (Final)
Journal Article Cristina CM, Sansalone JJ. "First flush," power law and particle separation diagrams for urban storm-water suspended particulates. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2003;129(4):298-307. R827933C019 (Final)
Journal Article Gawande NA, Reinhart DR, Thomas PA, McCreanor PT, Townsend TG. Municipal solid waste in situ moisture content measurement using an electrical resistance sensor. Waste Management 2003;23(7):667-674. R827933C022 (2002)
Journal Article Imhoff PT, Jakubowitch A, Briening ML, Chiu PC. Partitioning gas tracer tests for measurement of water in municipal solid waste. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2003;53(11):1391-1400. R827933C021 (2002)
Journal Article La Motta EJ, Jimenez JA, Josse JC, Manrique A. The effect of air-induced velocity gradient and dissolved oxygen on bioflocculation in the trickling filter/solids contact process. Advances in Environmental Research 2003;7(2):441-451. R827933C030 (2002)
Journal Article La Motta EJ, Jimenez JA. Discussion of "Review of two decades of experience with TF/SC process" by D. S. Parker and J. R. Bratby. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2002;128(8):764-766. R827933C030 (2002)
Journal Article Sansalone JJ, Hird JP, Cartledge FK, Tittlebaum ME. Event-based stormwater quality and quantity loadings from elevated urban infrastructure affected by transportation. Water Environment Research 2005;77(4):348-365. R827933C019 (Final)
R827933C033 (2002)