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Center for Science and Policy Applications for Coastal Environments (C–SPACE)

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Journal Article DeVor R, Carvalho-Knighton K, Aitken B, Maloney P, Holland E, Talalaj L, Fidler R, Elsheimer S, Clausen CA, Geiger CL. Dechlorination comparison of mono-substituted PCBs with Mg/Pd in different solvent systems. Chemosphere 2008;73(6):896-900. X832302 (2008)
Journal Article Dixon B, Earls J. Examining spatio-temporal relationships of landuse change, population growth, and water quality in the SWFWMD. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review 2007;9(1):71-93. X832302 (2008)
Journal Article Earls J, Dixon B. A comparison of SWAT model-predicted potential evapotranspiration using real and modeled meteorological data. Vadose Zone Journal 2008;7(2):570-580. X832302 (2008)
Journal Article Johns RA. The potential of geographic analysis in solving environmental dilemmas. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review 2005;7(2):13-33. X832302 (2008)
Journal Article Pomeroy LR, D’Elia CF, Schaffner LC. Limits to top-down control of phytoplankton by oysters in Chesapeake Bay. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2006;325:301-309. X832302 (2006)
X832302 (2008)
Journal Article Whitmore TJ, Brenner M, Kolasa KV, Kenney WF, Riedinger-Whitmore MA, Curtis JH, Smoak JM. Inadvertent alkalization of a Florida lake caused by increased ionic and nutrient loading to its watershed. Journal of Paleolimnology 2006;36(4):353-370. X832302 (2008)
Journal Article Whitmore TJ, Riedinger-Whitmore MA, Smoak JM, Kolasa KV, Goddard EA, Bindler R. Arsenic contamination of lake sediments in Florida: evidence of herbicide mobility from watershed soils. Journal of Paleolimnology 2008;40(3):869-884. X832302 (2008)