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Health Effects Institute (2000 — 2005)

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Journal Article Creek MR, Mani C, Vogel JS, Turteltaub KW. Tissue distribution and macromolecular binding of extremely low doses of [14C]-benzene in B6C3F1 mice. Carcinogenesis 1997;18(12):2421-2427. R828112C113 (Final)
Journal Article Mani C, Freeman S, Nelson DO, Vogel JS, Turteltaub KW. Species and strain comparisons in the macromolecular binding of extremely low doses of [14C]benzene in rodents, using accelerator mass spectrometry. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 1999;159(2):83-90. R828112C113 (Final)
Journal Article Melikian AA, Qu Q, Shore R, Li G, Li H, Jin X, Cohen B, Chen L, Li Y, Yin S, Mu R, Zhang X, Wang Y. Personal exposure to different levels of benzene and its relationships to the urinary metabolites S-phenylmercapturic acid and trans, trans-muconic acid. Journal of Chromatography B:Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences 2002;778(1-2):211-221. R828112C115 (Final)
Journal Article Qu QS, Melikian AA, Li G, Shore R, Chen LC, Cohen B, Yin S, Kagan MR, Li H, Meng M, Jin X, Winnik W, Li Y, Mu R, Li K. Validation of biomarkers in humans exposed to benzene: urine metabolites. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 2000;37(5):522-531. R828112C115 (Final)
Journal Article Qu Q, Shore R, Li G, Jin X, Chen LC, Cohen B, Melikian AA, Eastmond D, Rappaport SM, Yin S, Li H, Waidyanatha, S, Li Y, Mu R, Zhang X, Li K. Hematological changes among Chinese workers with a broad range of benzene exposures. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 2002;42(4):275-285. R828112C115 (Final)
Journal Article Rappaport SM, Waidyanatha S, Qu Q, Shore R, Jin X, Cohen B, Chen L-C, Melikian AA, Li G, Yin S, Yan H, Xu B, Mu R, Li Y, Zhang X, Li K. Albumin adducts of benzene oxide and 1,4-benzoquinone as measures of human benzene metabolism. Cancer Research 2002;62(5):1330-1337. R828112C115 (Final)
Journal Article Sergeyev O, Zeilert V, Revich B, Ushakova T, Williams P, Korrick S, Lee MM, Altshul L, Adibi J, Hauser R. Sexual and physical maturation of male adolescents in a dioxin contaminated region: Chapaevsk, Russia. Organohalogen Compounds 2000;48:211-214. R825433C059 (Final)
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