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Environmental Assessment


  • Oxyfuels Information Needs
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  • Table 2
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    Table 2. Categories of Work Currently Planned or Underway for Motor Vehicle Fuels and Fuel Additives.

In light of continuing questions about the benefits and risks of oxygenated gasoline and reformulated gasoline (collectively known as "oxyfuels"), this document highlighted areas of information that would improve scientific understanding of the impacts of these fuels on the environment and public health. It emphasized the importance of obtaining data to support quantitative assessments of oxyfuels in comparison to conventional fuels. In addition to providing some background information and outlining a general framework for comparative risk assessments of fuels, the document briefly summarized currently available information and focused on work that was then underway or planned and on data needs that remained to be filled. It was intended that this broad statement of information needs would facilitate the identification and prioritization of more specific research and comparative assessment efforts on oxyfuels and conventional fuels.

For further information, please contact Diane Ray at 919-541-3637.

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