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Environmental Assessment

Employment Opportunities in NCEA

Career Appointments:

The majority of EPA's scientists and engineers are hired under the competitive career appointment process. Starting grades depend on education and experience and typically range from GS-11 for scientists or engineers with masters degrees to GS-15 for those with PhDs. Promotions above the GS-13 level are governed by a technical qualifications board (TQB). Job vacancies are announced on this site whenever they become available.

EPA posts all available vacancies to the US Government site "USAJOBS". To see the open recruitments, click on the vacancy link for specific job description and application information.
Applications for any vacancies listed must be submitted on-line via the USAJOBS web site (http://www.usajobs.opm.gov - Open environmental assessment positions).

Working in EPA

EPA's mission requires that we maintain a staff of world class scientists in a broad range of disciplines to support four principle directions:
  • improving human health risk assessment,
  • improving ecological risk assessment,
  • integrating human health and ecological assessments, and
  • linking risk assessment and risk management activities.
Current EPA's Scientific Staff have backgrounds in toxicology, biology, ecology, epidemiology, biostatistics and environmental engineering. Within these disciplines, they pursue areas of specialization related to the most current health and environmental assessment needs and often are involved in cutting edge scientific issues related to highly visible environmental issue that have gained public attention. Some examples of areas being pursued include: pharmacokinetic modeling, various specialties in toxicology such as mechanisms of reproductive, neurological, and cancer effects and the emerging field of toxicogenomics. In ecological risk assessment, EPA's scientists specialize in areas such as landscape ecology, GIS, global climate change, and watershed risk assessments. For more information about working at EPA and to hear some employee testimonies, visit Work With Us: EPA Careers.

The U.S. EPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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