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You should review the limitations of ECOTOX data retrieval and system requirements prior to performing searches on this site.


You should consult the original scientific paper to ensure an understanding of the context of the data retrieved from ECOTOX.

ECOTOX attempts to be comprehensive, our searches do not locate all relevant literature. In addition, the time lag from conducting a literature search, acquiring the publication and encoding it into ECOTOX can be up to or exceed six months. For this reason, we also suggest that you conduct searches of the most recent publication year to ensure you capture data that has not been entered into ECOTOX.

Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the U. S. government. You should review the limitations of ECOTOX data retrieval and system requirements prior to performing searches on this site.

Software Limitations

The following browser limitations exist when using ECOTOX:
  • The query pages require that your browser support JavaScript and this feature must be activated in your browser preferences.
  • ECOTOX supports Netscape Navigator 4.x (or higher) and Explorer 4.x releases. Older browser versions are not supported and will require upgrade.
  • There is a maximum number of 5,000 tabular records that can be retrieved in one search. The delimited and Excel exports will retrieve up to 10,000 records.
  • If you use a popup blocker program, ECOTOX reports, help and browse features will not display. Please add the ECOTOX web site to your popup browser exception list to ensure full usability.

Data Limitations

The following restrictions are placed on ECOTOX data. Data not satisfying these requirements are excluded from ECOTOX:





  • Single chemicals relevant to environmental exposure are included.

  • Verifiable Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number

  • Mixtures (petroleum fuels)

  • Air pollution (CO2, ozone)


  • Ecologically relevant species

  • Priority species are wild (test results for terrestrial domestic and laboratory species are used to fill data gaps when needed)

  • Organism taxonomic information verifiable against standard taxonomic sources

  • Human, monkey, bacteria, viral and yeast


  • Biological effect on live, whole organisms

  • Adverse effects are priority ( beneficial, nutritional effects are lower priority)

  • Dead organisms

  • In Vitro

Concentration/ Dose

  • Concurrent environmental chemical concentration/dose reported as concentration, dose or application rate

  • Sediment studies must have a water concentration reported to be included

  • Inhalation studies route (including intratracheal instillation)

  • Sediment only concentration

  • Lead shot

  • Unverified measurement unit

  • Log values

Exposure Duration

  • Duration reports an associated concurrent with a biological effect

  • Unverifiable duration

Publication /Data Format

  • Primary data source

  • Full text English (some Non-English papers are encoded that have an English abstracts)

  • Reviews

  • Full text foreign language

  • Abstract only format

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