RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse (RBLC)

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The RBLC data base contains case-specific information on the "Best Available" air pollution technologies that have been required to reduce the emission of air pollutants from stationary sources (e.g., power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, etc.). This information has been provided by State and local permitting agencies.

RBLC Basic Information provides an overview of the RBLC Web Site and includes instructions for searching the data bases.

RBLC Search Database gives you several options for searching the permit data base on-line to locate the determinations you are most interested in.

RBLC Data Entry is only available to registered users (RBLC Editors) working for government agencies within the United States.

RBLC Products include User's Manuals, Annual Reports, Data Input Form and the RBLC Standalone Editor (Software for off-line data entry).

RBLC State & Local Agency Links is a listing of State and Local Air Pollution Control Agencies you can click on to take you to these website. This also contains contact information for these agencies.

RBLC Related Links include links to other Web Sites that provide technical information or guidance in making RACT, BACT and/or LAER decisions. These include sites maintained by federal, state and local agencies, the United Nations, industry trade associations and others.

RBLC Technical Resources include software tools and expert systems that may be used to estimate emissions, and/or emission control and prevention alternatives.

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