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  1 'Crassostrea virginica' as an Indicator of Cadmium Pollution. 1981
  2 'Crassostrea virginica' as an Indicator of Lead Pollution. 1979
  3 'Proctoeces' sp. (Trematoda: Digenea) in the American Oyster, 'Crassostrea virginica'. 1981
  4 A comparison of the effect of application of crude petroleum to marsh plants and to oysters. 1950
  5 A report on three experiments to study the effect of oil bleedwater on oysters under aquarium conditions. 1950
  6 A selected bibliography of worldwide oyster literature / 1980
  7 A study of mortality of oysters of the Buras area of Louisiana : submitted to Texas A. and M. Research Foundation as a final report on one phase of Project 9, Oyster Mortality Investigation / 1950
  8 Accumulation of Cadmium by the American Oyster, 'Crassostrea virginica'. 1976
  9 Acute Toxicity, Bioconcentration and Persistence of AC 222,705, Benthiocarb, Chlorpyrifos, Fenvalerate, Methyl Parathion and Permethrin in the Estuarine Environment. 1983
  10 Alpha Methylglucoside Transport by the Gill of the Oyster 'Ostrea edulis'. 1981
  11 American or Eastern oyster. 1965
  12 American Oyster ('Crassostrea virginica') as an Indicator of Carcinogens in the Aquatic Environment. 1979
  13 American Oyster as a Coastal Zone Pollution Monitor: A Pilot Study. 1982
  14 An oyster feeding experiment. 1949
  15 Analytical Methodology for the Determination of Kepone (Trademark) Residues in Fish, Shellfish, and Hi-Vol Air Filters. 1977
  16 Animal-Sediment Relationships: A Case Study of the Patapsco River. 1983
  17 Annual progress report : Chesapeake Bay alosid, blue crab, oyster, bluefish, weakfish/spotted seatrout, American eel, Atlantic croaker/spot, and summer flounder : Chesapeake Bay Program / 1992
  18 Annual Progress Report: Chesapeake Bay Alosid, Blue Crab, and Oyster Fishery Management Plans. Chesapeake Bay Program. 1990
  19 Application of Adenine Nucleotide Measurements for the Evaluation of Stress in 'Mytilus edulis' and 'Crassostrea virginica'. 1982
  20 Application of the DNA Alkaline Unwinding Assay to Detect DNA Strand Breaks in Marine Bivalves. 1993
  21 Aquatic Reef Habitat Plan. 1994
  22 Arsenic Transport and Impact in Chesapeake Bay Food Webs. Attachment A: Arsenic Impact on Growth, Fecundity, Species Composition and Subsequent Transport of Arsenic in Estuarine Food Webs. 1988
  23 Arsenic Uptake and Loss in the American Oyster, 'Crassostrea virginia'. 1982
  24 Asian oysters : implications for oyster diseases. 2007
  25 Asian oysters : science to inform policy decisions. 2007
  26 Assessing a Ten-Fold Increase in the Chesapeake Bay Native Oyster Population. A Report to the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program. 2005
  27 Assessment of Shellfish Populations in the Great Bay Estuary. 1997
  28 Bacterial Accumulation by the Oyster, Crassostrea Virginica, on the Gulf Coast. 1960
  29 Bacteriological Criteria for Market Oysters. 1960
  30 Bacteriological Studies of Commerical Shellfish Operation on the Gulf Coast. 1961
  31 Benzo(a)pyrene Metabolism in the America Oyster 'Crassostrea virginica'. 1977
  32 Bibliography of oysters and other marine organisms associated with oyster bottoms and estuarine ecology. 1972
  33 Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by littoral and pelagic marine organisms / 1979
  34 Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by littoral and pelagic marine organisms {microform} / 1979
  35 Bioassay procedures for the ocean disposal permit program 1976
  36 Bioassay procedures for the ocean disposal permit program / 1976
  37 Bioassay procedures for the ocean disposal permit program / 1978
  38 Biochemistry of Estuarine Ecosystem with Emphasis on Heavy Metals and Shellfish. 1973
  39 Biological Processes Affecting the Distribution of Pollutants in Marine Sediments. Part II. Biodeposition and Bioturbation. 1980
  40 Cadmium in Blood and Urine among Smokers and Non-Smokers with High Cadmium Intake via Food. 1983
  41 Cadmium intake via oysters and health effects in New Zealand : cadmium intake, metabolism, and effects in people with a high intake of oysters in New Zealand / 1986
  42 Cadmium Intake Via Oysters and Health Effects in New Zealand: Cadmium Intake, Metabolism and Effects in People with a High Intake of Oysters in New Zealand. 1986
  43 Carcinogenicity of Black Rock Harbor Sediment to the Eastern Oyster and Trophic Transfer of Black Rock Harbor Carcinogens from the Blue Mussel to the Winter Flounder. 1991
  44 Changes in the Free Amino Acid Pool during Environmental Stress in the Gill Tissue of the Oyster, 'Crassostrea virginica'. 1981
  45 Chemical Induction of Tumors in Oysters by a Mixture of Aromatic and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Amines and Metals. 1992
  46 Chesapeake Bay 1994 Oyster Fishery Management Plan. Agreement Commitment Report Revision. 1994
  47 Chesapeake Bay baseline data acquisition : modification of fisheries : [Appendix VII / 1978
  48 Chesapeake Bay oyster management plan : an agreement commitment report from the Chesapeake Executive Council. 1989
  49 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Management Plan: An Agreement Commitment Report from the Chesapeake Executive Council. 1989
  50 Chesapeake Bay Program Oyster Restoration Workshop Proceedings and Agreement Statements. 2000
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