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Extramural Research

Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Arsenic Health Effects Research

Request for Applications closing date: May 16, 1997

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R826135
Arsenic-Glutathione Interactions and Skin Cancer Snow, Elizabeth T.
Bosland, Maartin
Frenkel, Krystyna
Klein, Catherine B.
Mirochnitchenko, Oleg I.
Steinberg, Mark
New York University Medical Center,Deakin University October 1997 -
September 2000
(Extended to September 2001)  
2 R826137
A Dose-Response and Susceptibility Investigation of Skin Keratoses and Hyperpigmentation due to Ingestion of Arsenic in Drinking Water Smith, Allan H.

University of California - Berkeley September 1997 -
September 2000
(Extended to October 2001)  
3 R826136
Arsenicals, Glutathione Reductase and Cellular Redox Status St├Żblo, Miroslav
Beck, Melinda A.
Cullen, William R.
Del Razo, Luz M.
Lin, Shan
Thomas, David J.
Walton, Felecia
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,University of British Columbia September 1997 -
August 2000
(Extended to September 2001)  

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The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and EPA. Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency.

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