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NCER Grantee Research Project Results

Performance and Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management Approaches in the Urban Context: A Philadelphia Case Study

Request for Applications closing date: January 8, 2013

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R835558
Taking it to the Streets: Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Philadelphia Communities Ballestero, Thomas P

University of New Hampshire - Main Campus October 2013 -
September 2017  
2 R835555
Performance and Effectiveness of Urban Green Infrastructure: Maximizing Benefits at the Subwatershed Scale through Measurement, Modeling, and Community-Based Implementation McGarity, Arthur E
Heckert, Megan
Hobbs, Benjamin F.
Rosan, Christina
Welty, Claire
Swarthmore College,Johns Hopkins University,Temple University,University of Maryland - Baltimore County October 2013 -
September 2017  
3 R835557
An Integrated Strategy to Improve Green Infrastructure Approaches in Featherstone, Jeffrey
Mandarano, Lynn
Toran, Laura
Weir, Mark
Temple University,Morgan State University,University of Pennsylvania,Villanova University October 2013 -
September 2017  
4 R835556
Next Generation Volume Reduction Green Infrastructure Stormwater Control Measures in Support of Philadelphia’s Green City Clean Waters Initiative Traver, Robert
Clayton, Garrett M
Eisenman, Sasha
Sen, Siddhartha
Wadzuk, Bridget
Welker, Andrea
Villanova University,Morgan State University,Temple University September 2013 -
August 2017  
5 R835554
Enabling Citizens and Owners to Invest in Green Infrastructure in Philadelphia Hsu, David
Landis, John
University of Pennsylvania September 2013 -
August 2015  

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