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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Consequences of Global Change For Air Quality

Request for Applications closing date: June 20, 2006

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R833376
Study the Impact of Global Change on Air Quality Using the Global-Through-Urban Weather Research and Forecast Model with Chemistry Zhang, Yang
Karamchandani, Prakash
Streets, David G.
North Carolina State University,Argonne National Laboratory,Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. May 2007 -
May 2011
(Extended to May 2012)  
2 R833378
Effects of Global Change on the Atmospheric Mercury Burden and Mercury Sequestration Through Changes in Ecosystem Carbon Pools Obrist, Daniel
Johnson, Dale W.
Lindberg, Steve
Luo, Yiqi
Desert Research Institute,University of Nevada - Reno,University of Oklahoma May 2007 -
April 2012  
3 R833370
Global Change and Air Pollution (GCAP) Phase 2: Implications for U.S. Air Quality and Mercury Deposition of Multiple Climate and Global Emission Scenarios for 2000-2050 Jacob, Daniel J.
Byun, Daewon
Fu, Joshua
Mickley, Loretta J.
Rind, David
Seinfeld, John
Streets, David G.
Harvard University,Argonne National Laboratory,California Institute of Technology,NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies,University of Houston,University of Tennessee - Knoxville May 2007 -
April 2011  
4 R833373
Impacts of Global Climate and Emissions Changes on U.S. Air Quality (Ozone, Particulate Matter, Mercury) and Projection Uncertainty Liang, Xin-Zhong
Caughey, Michael
Kunkel, Kenneth
Williams, Allen
Wuebbles, Donald J.
Hayhoe, Katharine
Huang, Ho-Chun
Lei, Hang
Lin, Jintai
Liu, Feng
Patten, Ken
Tao, Zhining
Wang, Xueyuan
Zhu, Jinhong
Su, Shenjian
He, Hao
Su, Senjian
University of Maryland,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,University of Maryland - College Park April 2007 -
April 2011
(Extended to April 2013)  
5 R833372
Impact of Global Change on Urban Air Quality via Changes in Mobile Source Emissions, Background Concentrations, and Regional Scale Meteorological Feedbacks Kleeman, Michael J.
Chen, Shuhua
Schauer, James J.
University of California - Davis,University of Wisconsin March 2007 -
February 2011
(Extended to February 2013)  
6 R833374
Changes in Climate, Pollutant Emissions, and US Air Quality: An Integrating Modeling Study Adams, Peter
Pandis, Spyros N.
Carnegie Mellon University March 2007 -
February 2011
(Extended to February 2012)  
7 R833375
Sensitivity of Heterogeneous Atmospheric Mercury Processes to Climate Change Schauer, James J.
Griffin, Robert J.
Holloway, Tracey
Shafer, M. M.
University of Wisconsin - Madison,University of New Hampshire - Main Campus February 2007 -
February 2010
(Extended to February 2011)  
8 R833377
Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality in the U.S.: Investigations With Linked Global- and Regional-Scale Models Sillman, Sanford
Keeler, Gerald J.
Penner, Joyce
University of Michigan February 2007 -
January 2010
(Extended to January 2012)  
9 R833371
Effects of Future Emissions and a Changed Climate on Urban Air Quality Jacobson, Mark Z.
Streets, David G.
Stanford University,Argonne National Laboratory February 2007 -
January 2011
(Extended to January 2012)  
10 R833369
Ensemble Analyses of the Impact and Uncertainties of Global Change on Regional Air Quality in the U.S. Lamb, Brian
Guenther, Alex
Mass, Clifford
McKenzie, Donald
Salathe, Eric
Theobald, David M.
Wiedinmyer, Christine
Chung, Serena
Washington State University,Colorado State University,National Center for Atmospheric Research,USDA Forest Service,University of Washington February 2007 -
January 2011
(Extended to January 2012)  

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