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Nonlinear Responses to Global Change in Linked Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems and Effects of Multiple Factors on Terrestrial Ecosystems: A Joint Research Solicitation- EPA, DOE

Request for Applications closing date: October 27, 2005

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R833013
Hydrologic Forecasting for Characterization of Non-linear Response of Freshwater Wetlands to Climatic and Land Use Change in the Susquehanna River Basin Wardrop, Denice Heller
Brooks, Robert P.
Dressler, Kevin
Duffy, Christopher
Easterling, W.
Najjar, Raymond
Ready, Richard
Shortle, James S.  
Pennsylvania State University April 2007 -
April 2011  
2 R833014
Sustainable Coastal Habitat Restoration in the Pacific Northwest: Modeling and Managing the Effects, Feedbacks, and Risks Associated with Climate Change Rybczyk, John
Hood, W. Greg
Khangaonkar, Tarang
Reyes, Enrique
Yang, Zhaoqing  
Western Washington University, Battelle, East Carolina University, Skagit System Cooperative April 2007 -
March 2010
(Extended to March 2012)  
3 R833015
Nonlinear Response of Pacific Northwest Estuaries to Changing Hydroclimatic Conditions: Flood Frequency, Recovery Time and Resilience D'Andrea, Anthony F.
Wheatcroft, Robert A.  
Oregon State University July 2006 -
June 2010  
4 R833016
Non-Linear Response of Prairie Pothole Landscapes to Climate Change and Land Management Johnson, Carter
Adams, R.
Fay, Phil
Guntenspergen, Glenn R.
Millett, Bruce V
Olker, Jennifer H.
Rashford, Ben
Tulbure, Mirela
Voldseth, Richard
Werner, Brett  
South Dakota State University, Agricultural Research Service, Oregon State University, U.S. Geological Survey, University of Wyoming July 2006 -
July 2010
(Extended to December 2010)  
5 R833017
Innovative Management Options to Prevent Loss of Ecosystem Services Provided by Chinook Salmon in California: Overcoming the Effects of Climate Change Moyle, Peter
Engilis, Andrew
Escobar, Marisa
Jr., Andrew Engilis
Mosser, Christopher M
Purkey, David
Thompson, Lisa C
Truan, Melanie L.
Yates, David  
University of California - Davis, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Stockholm Environmental Institute October 2007 -
September 2010
(Extended to September 2011)  
6 R833025
Hydrologic Thresholds for Biodiversity in Semiarid Riparian Ecosystems: Importance of Climate Change and Variability Dixon, Mark A.
Meixner, Thomas
Baird, Kate
Hogan, James F.
Lite, S. Joy
Stromberg, Julie  
University of Arizona, Arizona State University - Main Campus March 2007 -
February 2011  
7 R833261
Nonlinear and Threshold Responses to Environmental Stressors in Land-river Networks at Regional to Continental Scales Melillo, Jerry
Felzer, Benjamin S.
Kicklighter, David Wesley
McClelland, James
Peterson, Bruce J.
Vorosmarty, Charles
Wollheim, Wil  
Marine Biological Laboratory, City University of New York, Lehigh University, University of New Hampshire September 2007 -
August 2010
(Extended to August 2011)  

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