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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Computational Toxicology and Endocrine Disruptors: Use of Systems Biology in Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Request for Applications closing date: January 21, 2004

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R831846
Chemical Induced Changes in Gene Expression Patterns Along the HPG-axis at Different Organizational Levels Using a Small Animal Model (Japanese medaka) Giesy, John P.
Hecker, Markus
Jones, Paul D.
Newsted, John L.
Michigan State University September 2004 -
August 2007  
2 R831847
Estrogen Elicited Gene Expression Network Elucidation in the Rat Uterus Zacharewski, Timothy
Chan, Christina
Harkema, Jack
Gennings, Chris
Michigan State University September 2004 -
August 2007  
3 R831848
Systems Biology Modeling of Fathead Minnow Response to Endocrine Disruptors Denslow, Nancy
Orlando, Edward F.
Sepulveda, Maria
Watanabe, Karen
SepĂșlveda, Maria (Marisol) S.
University of Florida,Oregon Health & Sciences University,Saint Mary College,Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton,Purdue University - Main Campus August 2004 -
July 2007  

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The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and EPA. Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency.

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