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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Airborne Particulate Matter Health Effects: Cardiovascular Mechanisms

Request for Applications closing date: April 30, 2002

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R830954
Effect of Diesel Exhaust Particulate Exposures on Endothelial Function in Humans: The Role of Oxidative Stress Kauffman, Joel D.
Chandler, Wayne
Gill, Edward
Koenig, Jane Q.
Larson, Timothy V.
Leotta, Daniel
Sheppard, Lianne
Sullivan, Jeff
Trenga, Carol
Yost, Michael
University of Washington August 2003 -
August 2006
(Extended to August 2008)  
2 R830838
Cardiovascular Responses to Particulate Exposure Christiani, David
Coull, Brent
Herrick, Robert
Levy, Jonathan
Magari, Shannon
Schwartz, Joel
Sioutas, Constantinos
Eisen, Ellen
Harvard School of Public Health,University of Southern California May 2003 -
May 2006
(Extended to May 2009)  
3 CR830837
Air Pollution and Human Vascular Dysfunction: Mechanism and Mediators Brook, Robert D.
Brook, Jeffrey R.
Dvonch, Joseph T.
Keeler, Gerald J.
Rajagopalan, Sanjay
Silverman, Frances
Vincent, Renaud
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,University of Toronto,Environment Canada,Health Canada - Ottawa May 2003 -
April 2006
(Extended to April 2008)  
4 R830839
Coronary Effects of Combustion-Source Particulate Matter Campen, Matthew J.
McDonald, Jacob D.
Reed, Matthew D.
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute April 2003 -
April 2006
(Extended to March 2007)  

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The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and EPA. Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency.

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