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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Assessing the Consequences of Global Change for Aquatic Ecosystems: Climate, Land Use, and UV Radiation

Request for Applications closing date: September 10, 2002

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R829642
Assessing the Interactive Effects of Landscape, Climate, and UV Radiation on River Ecosystems: Modeling Transparency to UVR and the Response of Biota Morris, Donald P.
Hargreaves, Bruce R.
Pazzaglia, Frank J.
Weisman, Richard N.
Williamson, Craig E.
Lehigh University July 2002 -
July 2006  
2 R829641
Interactions Among Climate, Humans and Playa Wetlands on the Southern High Plains McMurry, Scott T.
Dayawansa, W. P.
Dixon, K. R.
Martin, C. F.
Smith, L. M.
Theodorakis, C. W.
Willis, D. B.
Texas Tech University July 2002 -
June 2005
(Extended to June 2006)  
3 R829643
Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Wetlands, and Dissolved Organic Matter on UV Damage to Aquatic Foodwebs Bridgham, Scott D.
Johnston, Carol A.
Lamberti, Gary A.
Lodge, David M.
Maurice, Patricia A.
Shmagin, Boris A.
Frost, Paul C
University of Oregon,University of Notre Dame,University of Minnesota - Duluth,South Dakota State University,Natural Resources Research Institute,Trent University June 2002 -
June 2005
(Extended to June 2006)  
4 R829640
The Influence of Climate-Induced Alterations in Dissolved Organic Matter on Metal Toxicity and UV Radiation in Rocky Mountain Streams Clements, William
Baron, Jill S.
McKnight, Diane M.
Meyer, Joseph S.
Colorado State University,University of Colorado,University of Wyoming April 2002 -
April 2005  

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