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Grantee Research Project Results

Grantee Research Project Results

Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms

Request for Applications closing date: January 31, 2001

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R829367
Viruses as a Regulator of Harmful Algal Bloom Activity: Aureococcus anophagefferens as a Model System Gastrich, Mary Downes
Anderson, O. Roger
Gobler, Christopher
Wilhelm, Steven W.
Columbia University,Long Island University - Southampton College,University of Tennessee - Knoxville January 2002 -
July 2005
(Extended to January 2006)  
2 R829366
Grazing and Windows of Opportunity for Dinoflagellate Blooms Stoecker, Diane K.
Boicourt, William C.
Roman, Michael R.
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science,Horn Point Laboratory January 2002 -
December 2004  
3 R829456
ECOHAB - Hydrography and Biology to Provide Information for the Construction of a Model to Predict the Initiation, Maintanence and Dispersal of Red Tide on the West Coast of Florida Steidinger, Karen A.
Janowitz, Gerald S.
Kamykowski, Daniel
Kirkpatrick, Gary J.
Lohenz, Steven
McGuire, Peter
Redalje, Donald
Schofield, Oscar M.E.
Vargo, Gabriel A.
Neely, Merrie Beth
Lohrenz, Steven
Florida Marine Research Institute,Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,Mote Marine Laboratory,North Carolina State University,Rutgers University - New Brunswick,University of Florida,University of South Florida,University of Southern Mississippi December 2001 -
September 2003  
4 R829370
Behaving Drifters as Gymnodinium breve Mimics Kamykowski, Daniel
Janowitz, Gerald S.
Wolcott, Thomas G.
North Carolina State University November 2001 -
November 2004
(Extended to May 2006)  
5 R829369
Gymnodinium breve in the Gulf of Mexico: Gyroxanthin-based Estimates of Carbon-Specific Growth Rates Under Varying Environmental Conditions Richardson, Tammi L.
Pinckney, James L.
Texas A & M University November 2001 -
November 2004
(Extended to March 2006)  
6 R829368
Dynamics, Variability and Patterns of Harmful and Red Tide Bloom-Species in Narragansett Bay: Ecological Analysis of a 38-Year Time Series Smayda, Theodore J.
Borkman, David G.
Li, Yaqin
University of Rhode Island September 2001 -
January 2006
(Extended to September 2006)  

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