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Assessing the Consequences of Interactions between Human Activities and a Changing Climate

Request for Applications closing date: April 26, 2000

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R828731
Implications of Climate Change for Regional Air Pollution, Health Effects and Energy Consumption Behavior Ellis, Joseph H.
Hobbs, Benjamin F.
Joutz, Frederick L.
Patz, J. F.
Samet, J.
Schwab, M.  
Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University September 2000 -
August 2003
(Extended to February 2005)  
2 R828732
Climatic and Human Impacts on Fire Regimes in Forests and Grasslands of the U.S. Southwest Morehouse, Barbara J.
Christopherson, Gary L.
Orr, Barron J.
Overpeck, Jonathan T.
Swetnam, Thomas W.
Yool, Stephen R.  
University of Arizona November 2000 -
October 2003  
3 R828733
Modeling Heat and Air Quality Impacts of Changing Urban Land Uses and Climate Kinney, Patrick L.
Avissar, Roni
Civerolo, Kevin
Cox, Jennifer
Gaffin, Stuart
Goldberg, Richard
Hogrefe, Christian
Holloway, Tracey
Knowlton, Kim
Ku, Michael
Lynn, Barry
Puri, Anjali
Rao, S. Trivikrama
Rosenthal, Joyce E.
Rosenzweig, Cynthia
Small, Christopher
Solecki, William D.
Soleki, William D.
Werth, David  
Columbia University, City University of New York, Duke University, Montclair State University, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Rutgers University - New Brunswick, SUNY at Albany, State University of New York, University of Wisconsin - Madison September 2000 -
August 2003
(Extended to March 2006)  
4 R828745
Close-coupling of Ecosystem and Economic Models: Adaptation of Central U.S. Agriculture to Climate Change Antle, John M.
Capalbo, Susan M.
Elliot, Edward T.
Hoagland, Kyle D.
Hunt, William
Mooney, Sian
Paustian, Keith  
Montana State University - Bozeman, Colorado State University, University of Nebraska at Omaha October 2000 -
September 2003  

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