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Mercury: Transport and Fate through a Watershed

Request for Applications closing date: February 4, 1999

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R827629
Watershed Influences on Transport, Fate, and Bioavailability of Mercury in Lake Superior Hurley, James P.
Armstrong, D. E.
Back, Richard C.
Shafer, M. M.
Rolfhus, Kristofer R.
Manolopoulos, Helen  
University of Wisconsin - Madison,Lake Superior State University,Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources October 1999 -
September 2002
(Extended to September 2003)  
2 R827630
Methylmercury Sources to Lakes in Forested Watersheds: Has Enhanced Methylation Increased Mercury in Fish Relative to Atmospheric Deposition? Swain, Edward B.
Almendinger, James E.
Cotner, Jim
Engstrom, Daniel
Harris, Reed
Jeremiason, Jeff
Nater, Edward
Brezonik, Patrick L.  
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency,St. Croix Watershed Research Station,University of Minnesota October 1999 -
September 2002
(Extended to September 2003)  
3 R827631
Response of Methylmercury Production and Accumulation to Changes in Hg Loading: A Whole-ecosystem Mercury Loading Study Gilmour, Cynthia C.
Heyes, Andrew
Mason, Robert P.
Rudd, John M.  
Academy of Natural Sciences,Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans,Chesapeake Biological Laboratory,University of Maryland Research Centers,University of Maryland October 1999 -
September 2002
(Extended to September 2003)  
4 R827632
Photo Induced Reduction of Mercury in Lakes, Wetlands, and Soils Nriagu, Jerome O.
Keeler, Gerald J.
Lehrnan, John
Lindberg, Steve
Zhang, Hong
Lehman, John
Qang, Xia-Qin  
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,University of Michigan,Oak Ridge National Laboratory September 1999 -
August 2002
(Extended to September 2003)  
5 R827633
Chemical and Biological Control of Mercury Cycling in Upland, Wetland and Lake Ecosystems in the Northeastern U.S. Driscoll, Charles T.
Munson, Ronald
Newton, Robert
Yavitt, Joseph  
Syracuse University,Cornell University,Smith College,Tetra Tech Inc. November 1999 -
October 2002
(Extended to October 2003)  
6 R827634
Processes Controlling the Chemical/Isotopic Speciation and Distribution of Mercury from Contaminated Mine Sites Brown Jr., Gordon E.
Grolimund, Daniel
Gustin, Mae Sexauer
Ireland, Trevor R.
Kim, Christopher S.
Rytuba, James J.
Lowry, Greg
Shaw, Samuel
Johnson, Stephen B.
Slowey, Aaron S.
Coolbaugh, Mark
Engle, Mark
Fitzgerald, Brian
Giglini, Anthony
Lowry, Gregory V.
Nacht, David M.
Sladek, Chris
Slowey, Aaron J.
Vette, Alan
Zehner, Richard E.  
Stanford University,University of Nevada - Reno,U.S. Geological Survey,University of California - Berkeley October 1999 -
September 2002  
7 R827635
Microbiological and Physicochemical Aspects of Mercury Cycling in the Coastal/Estuarine Waters of Long Island Sound and Its River-Seawater Mixing Zones Fitzgerald, William F.
Visscher, Pieter T.  
University of Connecticut October 1999 -
September 2002  
8 R827653
Understanding the Role of Sulfur in the Production and Fate of Methylmercury in Watersheds Mason, Robert P.
Gilmour, Cynthia C.  
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory,University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science,Academy of Natural Sciences October 1999 -
September 2002
(Extended to October 2003)  
9 R827915
The Redox Cycle of Mercury in Natural Waters Morel, Francois M.   Princeton University October 1999 -
October 2002
(Extended to October 2003)  

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