The FIRE application web site provides fast and complete access to the Agency’s air emissions factors information. The Internet version of FIRE will replace the software application, FIRE version 6.25 and the MS Access version of the database. 

The factors are pulled primarily from the Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors (AP-42 Fifth Edition) for all AP42 sections posted by September 1, 2004, the Locating and Estimating (L&E) series of documents, and the retired AFSEF and XATEF documents. All EPA Source Classification Codes (SCC) through September 1, 2004 are in the FIRE database. 

Simple Search

If you already have an SCC number, type it in the Simple Search window and click on Submit Search. Numbers are entered without spaces or dashes. 1-01-001-01 would be entered 10100101. If no emissions factors citations are returned there are no EPA emissions factors for that particular process.  Alternatively, if you are unsure of the exact SCC number or description, type in a single word, or a phrase, such as ‘spreader stoker.’ No punctuation is used in the search box. The simple search results page will display every record that includes the phrase spreader stoker anywhere in entire the record. To make your search more specific you can use the AND operator in your search. For example, spreader stoker AND pm10 will limit the results to the pollutant PM10. The AND operator must be capitalized.

Simple Search Results


Emission Factor Detail

Detailed Search

The Detailed Search gives you more options for searching. The levels 1 through 4 correspond with the tiers used with SCC descriptions.

SCC 3-020-052-5
3 = Industrial Processes
020 = Food and Agriculture
052 = Feed and Grain Terminal Elevators
5 = Counter-flow Dryer

When you choose a level 1 descriptor, only related level 2 descriptors will be displayed. Level 3 and level 4 descriptors narrow the search further.

Other search options include pollutants, control codes, or sections from the Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors, AP-42.

You can display results at any point. To continue narrowing the search, return to the detailed search page using the browser’s back button. The search window will not be cleared until you hit the RESET button.

Detailed Search Results

When you submit your search query, a new page will give you the results. If you receive 0 hits, return to the search page and try a new search.

Your search results will appear as abbreviated records. A detailed record is available by clicking on the DETAILS button.

Generating a Report from the Search Results

There are 4 report options. CSV files can be imported into spreadsheets or databases; XML for parsing applications; ASCII text file for importing into spreadsheets, databases, or word processing applications, or HTML for printing to a printer. Choose a file type and click on the Generate Report button. Depending on how your browser is configured, you will be prompted to save the file to a folder, or the selected file format will automatically open an application window for you to view the file.