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Do You Need a Funding Plan?
Introduction to the Six Steps
Step 1: Establish Priorities
Step 2: Assess Capacity
Step 3: Set Fundraising Goals
Step 4: Identify Funding Sources
Step 5: Evaluate & Select Funding Sources
Step 6: Write & Implement Plan
Final Quiz
Sample Finance Plans
List of Case Studies
References & Additional Resources

Case Studies

Thanks to all of these organizations for sharing their stories!

Case studies are linked to organization names and are listed by Funding Mechanism with an explanation of how the funding was used.

The "Module Home" link at the top of this page goes back to the Introduction.

Business and Corporate Contributions
Potomac Conservancy, Potomac Watershed Partnership, Ford
General funds and public relations
Capital Campaign
Center for the Inland Bays
Office and environmental education center
Earned Income
Hackensack Riverkeeper
General funds
Foundation Grants
Narragansett Bay Watershed, Save the Bay
Habitat assessment and restoration projects
License Plate Programs
Indian River Lagoon
Habitat restoration and environmental education
Membership—Volunteers, Basic
Community Commons
Expand volunteer program and activities
Membership—Volunteers, Advanced
1) Community Commons
    Expand volunteer program
    Capacity building and community engagement
Membership—Annual Giving
Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
General funds
Membership—Major Donors
Idaho Rivers United
General funds
Partnerships with Local Governments
1) Tampa Bay Estuary Program
    Restoration projects
2) Peconic Estuary Program
    Land conservation and related purposes
3) Ocean County, NJ
    Watershed protection and land preservation
4) Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program
    Restoration projects
Special Appeals
Casco Bay Estuary Project
Special Events
Scenic Hudson River
Workplace Giving
Accokeek Foundation, Environmental Fund for Maryland
General funds
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