Step 4 (continued). In-kind Donations

In-kind donations can include a wide variety of goods and services donated by businesses, individuals, or other nonprofit organizations. These gifts allow your scarce cash resources to be used for other purposes. Similar to all fundraising, obtaining in-kind gifts requires that you know what your organization needs and then clearly communicate those needs to potential donors. Make donations as easy as possible for donors; for example, offer to pick up donated materials or try to fit your request into the donors' routine or schedule. Always find a way to recognize and thank donors. Just like membership renewals, you want in-kind donors to continue to donate to your organization.

Picture shows an office cubicle with desk and computer (in black and white). Here are some of the most common categories of in-kind donations:

  • Office Space. Outside of salaries, office space probably represents
    the largest cost most organizations have to cover, so it is worth exploring the possibilities for obtaining donated space.
  • Office equipment, furniture, and supplies.
  • Prizes and Premiums. Prizes for raffles and auctions, as well as premiums to help increase response rates and gift size in member appeals and new member solicitations, are good candidates for in-kind donations.
  • Services. Volunteers can assist with answering telephone and stuffing mailings. Professionals can provide services like bookkeeping, public relations, legal advice, proposal writing, or water quality analysis. Federal and state government agencies sometimes provide professional services such as planning, facilitation, or outreach services to nonprofit organizations. Picture shows a piece of pizza and a soft drink.
  • Food and Drink. It is often possible to get food and drink, as well as space, donated for meetings or special events.
  • Travel, including overnight accommodations. Some organizations are able to get airline tickets, or frequent flyer miles, donated. Many nonprofits encourage their employees to stay overnight with friends or members, especially in expensive cities like New York, San Francisco, or Washington, D.C.

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