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Do You Need a Funding Plan?
Introduction to the Six Steps
Step 1: Establish Priorities
Step 2: Assess Capacity
Step 3: Set Fundraising Goals
Step 4: Identify Funding Sources
Step 5: Evaluate & Select Funding Sources
Step 6: Write & Implement Plan
  • The Basics
  • Timing
  • Evaluating your fundraising efforts
  • Next Steps
Final Quiz
Sample Finance Plans
List of Case Studies
References & Additional Resources

Step 6 (continued). Creating your Plan - Evaluating your Fundraising Efforts

6.    Write down what you hope to accomplish from these strategies. Your goals will include obtained funds, but may also include media exposure, new resources, recruitment of volunteers/members, etc. Be as specific as possible.
Graphic showing a post-it note that reads "Don't Forget!"
7.    Since your fundraising plan should be a dynamic document, set up a time in six months or a year to assess your plan. This assessment is a time to evaluate your progress, update funding opportunities, and make necessary changes to your strategy. In evaluating the plan every year, you can use the capacity assessment questions from Step 2 as well as the benchmark questions below:

  • Do you have a surplus at the end of the year? If so, is it larger than last year's?
  • What is your donor renewal rate? How does that compare to previous years?
  • How long could your organization survive without new donors?
  • Graphic lists three areas for maintaining the health of your sustainable fundraising plan. These include evaluating progress, updating funding opportunities, and making necessary changes to your strategy.Is your donor base growing? How many donors are upgrading (increasing their donations) and how many are downgrading (decreasing their donations)?
  • How are you doing in comparison to other watershed organizations in your area?
  • Does your organization have a reliable supply of discretionary funds?
  • Does your organization have an adequate supply of project funds?
  • Does your organization have a sufficiently large and engaged constituent base?
  • What is the percentage of actively fundraising board members?
  • Are you able to both receive and pay money promptly?

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