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Do You Need a Funding Plan?
Introduction to the Six Steps
Step 1: Establish Priorities
Step 2: Assess Capacity
Step 3: Set Fundraising Goals
Step 4: Identify Funding Sources
Step 5: Evaluate & Select Funding Sources
Step 6: Write & Implement Plan
  • The Basics
  • Timing
  • Evaluating your fundraising efforts
  • Next Steps
Final Quiz
Sample Finance Plans
List of Case Studies
References & Additional Resources

Step 6. Write and Implement your Sustainable Fundraising Plan

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Now that you have completed the first five steps of the module, you are ready to write your fundraising plan.

As you worked through the first five steps of this module, you learned how to:

  • Establish your organization's priorities
  • Assess your fundraising capacity
  • Set realistic fundraising goals
  • Identify a variety of potential funding sources
  • Evaluate which funding sources and activities are appropriate for your organization

Photo of a woman working at a desk
Now it is time to create your own fundraising plan. Ideally, this plan should be updated regularly and integrated into your annual workplan. On the following pages, we go through a step-by-step process of creating this plan.

"Your plan needs to establish goals that get you closer to that future of financialstability and fundraising efficiency."
-Gill Foundation32

Citation: See Resources, Works Cited #32

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