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Do You Need a Funding Plan?
Introduction to the Six Steps
Step 1: Establish Priorities
Step 2: Assess Capacity
Step 3: Set Fundraising Goals
  • Creating a budget
  • Calculating a fundraising goal
Step 4: Identify Funding Sources Step 5: Evaluate & Select Funding Sources
Step 6: Write & Implement Plan
Final Quiz
Sample Finance Plans
List of Case Studies
References & Additional Resources

Step 3. Set Realistic Fundraising Goals

Picture of man walking up steps.Once you establish your organizational priorities and assess its capacity, it is time to set realistic fundraising goals. The strategic plan discussed in Step 1 is critical to this step.

These fundraising goals will help you determine what funds you need to achieve your organization's priorities and ensure its sustainability. In the next two pages, we'll discuss how to create an annual budget and, based on that budget, how to calculate a fundraising goal.

Picture of dollar signs and gears.

"A budget is as much a management and program planning tool as a financial tool. Vision should drive program creation, and program drives budget creation. A budget is not an end in itself."
-Michael Seltzer, Foundation Center,6

Citation: See Resources, Works Cited #6



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