"Birds are an 'ecological litmus paper.' Because of their rapid metabolism and wide geographic range, they reflect changes in the environment quickly, they warn us of things out of balance, sending out signals whenever there is deterioration in the ecosystem..."

Roger Tory Peterson

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What are the goals of this module?

This module is designed to help you learn about these three topics:

  1. The nature of bird diversity in watersheds and how birds use different parts of the watershed as habitats.

  2. How changes in watersheds affect birds and how different species can be monitored to obtain information on the health of watershed habitats.

  3. What measures individuals and land managers can take to protect and restore watersheds to help birds and, thereby, improve overall watershed health.

Each frame contains useful information, websites for further investigation of the topics, and/or pop-up boxes with examples or more detail to illustrate the concepts.

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