Photo: This clearcut is being managed to reforest itself naturally, but past clearcuts nearby were planted in even-aged stands.

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6. Revegetation and forest regeneration - continued

Some general principles of revegetation and reforestation to consider are:

  • Establish a vegetative cover planting on erodible areas that were cultivated in the fall but will not be planted until spring.
  • Stabilize steep slopes prior to planting.
  • Use native grasses or other plant species to reseed bare-erodible areas; do not introduce invasive non-native plants under any circumstance.
  • Windrow logging debris along contours, in gullies, and on skid trails to stabilize these areas.
  • Remove unneeded logging roads and skid trails immediately. Do not wait for entire harvest operation to be completed.
  • Smooth, grade and revegetate landings and, where appropriate, main haul roads.
  • Remove temporary drainage structures and clean permanent drainage structures.

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