Graphic of road system layout

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4. Road Construction and Maintenance - continued

Some general principles to consider in the layout of the road system are:

  • Plan harvesting activities to minimize the total number of miles of road length.
  • Use existing roads wherever possible.
  • Minimize the changes in the natural stability of the land - place roads on high ground; keep out of streamside management zones and wet areas; keep off the toe of banks and slopes.
  • Where possible, the road should follow the natural contour of the land. This will avoid the need for extensive cut and fill.
  • Minimize the number of wet meadow and stream crossings.
  • Keep road gradient as low as possible. The steeper the grades, the greater the velocity of the runoff. If steep grades are needed for short distances, follow by stretches of lesser grades to reduce runoff velocity.
  • Determine the appropriate standard of road needed for the type of equipment; volume of traffic; and length of use. Selection of the appropriate road surfacing material will minimize erosion and reduce maintenance costs.

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