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Top 10 Watershed Lessons Learned

For many years, EPA and its many partners have pursued a watershed approach to protecting our lakes, rivers, wetlands, estuaries and streams. Taking on the role of community helper and partner has been a challenge. As with change of this magnitude, we have learned many important lessons worth sharing through trial and error. This collection of Watershed Lessons Learned (About PDF, 11.5 MB, 85 pages) presents the top ten lessons in one convenient document.

This Web site meets two real needs. First, it will help readers learn what does and does not work based on experience. Second, it will assist people in reaching important resources and contacts that exist across the nation that can help them. As for how this product was developed, a focus group of representatives from River Network, Know Your Watershed, Center for Watershed Protection, Maryland Office of Planning, and EPA Regional Offices among others was assembled. This group reacted to the idea, refined it, and developed the "top 10" watershed lessons learned. That list was circulated and improved with the insights of approximately 100 watershed coordinators and their supporters across the nation.

Each lesson is stand-alone and contains a short description of the lesson, a few examples to illustrate it, and a list of key contacts and resources associated with the lesson. The appendix includes answers to commonly asked questions (About PDF, 11.5 MB, 85 pages) - the ones that we heard over and over again as we developed this piece. So, if you are pressed for time, we suggest you begin there.

This module is one of the Watershed Academy Web Certificate Program's 15 required modules. After you have finished the module, take the self-test.

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