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Understanding Lake Ecology

Understanding Lake Ecology Exit EPA Disclaimer is just one part of the online training site Water on the Web (see below). This module introduces the basic concepts necessary to understand how lakes function. Its 21 sections provide an overview of the main physical, chemical and biological properties of lakes, including:




About Water On the Web (WOW)

Water on the Web Exit EPA Disclaimer was initially funded by the National Science Foundation, and created and hosted on the University of Minnesota website. This continually expanding training Web site is a two-semester online course targeted toward second year technical students or undergraduates in water resource programs. This modular, lab and field based course provides training with an emphasis on conservation and restoration of aquatic systems. It consists of 6 major units, each of which contains from one to six modules (lecture slides and labs/case studies). Instructors can adopt the course in its entirety or select individual modules or units for inclusion into their courses. The cornerstones of Water on the Web are its reliance on real-world, real-time data from lakes and rivers nationwide; innovative data visualization tools that animate sequences of data, making the aquatic systems come alive for students; regional case studies that weave throughout the course to provide practical applications of complex environmental problems; and a comprehensive, resource-filled website to augment the curriculum.

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