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Watersheds: 72
Counties: 17
American Heritage Rivers: 0
National Estuary Programs: 2
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USDA State Fact Sheet (Source USDA Economic Research Service)

15010005, Lake Mead 15010006, Grand Wash 15010010, Lower Virgin 15010011, White 15010012, Muddy 15010013, Meadow Valley Wash 15010015, Las Vegas Wash 15030101, Havasu-Mohave Lakes 15030102, Piute Wash 16020301, Hamlin-Snake Valleys 16020306, Southern Great Salt Lake Desert 16020307, Pilot-Thousand Springs 16020308, Northern Great Salt Lake Desert 16030006, Escalante Desert 16040101, Upper Humboldt 16040102, North Fork Humboldt 16040103, South Fork Humboldt 16040104, Pine 16040105, Middle Humboldt 16040106, Rock 16040107, Reese 16040108, Lower Humboldt 16040109, Little Humboldt 16040201, Upper Quinn 16040202, Lower Quinn 16040203, Smoke Creek Desert 16040204, Massacre Lake 16040205, Thousand-Virgin 16050101, Lake Tahoe 16050102, Truckee 16050103, Pyramid-Winnemucca Lakes 16050104, Granite Springs Valley 16050201, Upper Carson 16050202, Middle Carson 16050203, Carson Desert 16050301, East Walker 16050302, West Walker 16050303, Walker 16050304, Walker Lake 16060001, Dixie Valley 16060002, Gabbs Valley 16060003, Southern Big Smoky Valley 16060004, Northern Big Smoky Valley 16060005, Diamond-Monitor Valleys 16060006, Little Smoky-Newark Valleys 16060007, Long-Ruby Valleys 16060008, Spring-Steptoe Valleys 16060009, Dry Lake Valley 16060010, Fish Lake-Soda Spring Valleys 16060011, Ralston-Stone Cabin Valleys 16060012, Hot Creek-Railroad Valleys 16060013, Cactus-Sarcobatus Flats 16060014, Sand Spring-Tikaboo Valleys 16060015, Ivanpah-Pahrump Valleys 17040211, Goose 17040213, Salmon Falls 17050102, Bruneau 17050104, Upper Owyhee 17050105, South Fork Owyhee 17050106, East Little Owyhee 17050107, Middle Owyhee 17120007, Warner Lakes 17120008, Guano 17120009, Alvord Lake 18080001, Surprise Valley 18080002, Madeline Plains 18080003, Honey-Eagle Lakes 18090101, Mono Lake 18090102, Crowley Lake 18090201, Eureka-Saline Valleys 18090202, Upper Amargosa 18090203, Death Valley-Lower Amargosa

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