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To receive the SunWise Program tool kit, please complete the registration information below. If you cannot use this online registration page, you may register by printing and returning the following form by email, fax, or regular mail: (Registration form (PDF), 1 page, 63 K, About PDF) Please contact us if you have questions about registration or the SunWise Program.

Information collection via this form is authorized by OMB Control No. 2060-0439. Please see our privacy policy.

Please select your role

You are employed in a public or private school with grades K-8 (see below for home school)

You are associated with a public or private school (see below for home school)

  • (state PTA officers, please choose Other below and specify "State PTA")
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You teach children in another setting

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  •  — Institutions serving children
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  •  — Community and national organizations
  •  — Individuals
  • (not a student teacher)
  •  — Other

* Some participants receive a CD of SunWise educational materials instead of printed materials.

Please select the state and county in which you perform your role

Select a state, then click the Get county list button to see a list of counties in that state.




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