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Field Description
Profile TypeTotal Organic Compounds (TOC) or Particulate Matter (PM)
Profile NumberUnique SPECIATE Profile Number
NAMEProfile Name
Master PollutantIndicates the pollutant to be used in calculation. Allowed value: 'PM' In the future, other values may be allowed (e.g., PM_PRI, PM_FIL, PM_CON)
Particle Size RangeRange of aerodynamic diameter size of collected particulate matter, micrometers
Pollutant NamePollutant Name
Pollutant SymbolStandard chemical abbreviation (provided by Eric Fujita, DRI)
Weight %Weight percent of pollutant (%)
Uncertainty %Uncertainty percent of pollutant
HAPSIs Hazardous Air Pollutant? (Yes or No)
PAMSIs PAMS pollutant? (Yes or No)
Analytical MethodDescription of Analytical method (e.g., gas chromatography (GC)/flame ionization detector (FID), GC/mass spectrometer (MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)/ultraviolet-visible (UV))
Uncertainty MethodDescription of method used to calculate uncertainty
Test MethodDescription of sampling method
Normalization BasisDescription of how profile was normalized
Original/CompositeSpecifies whether the profile is original or composite. Allowed values: 'O','C'
RegionGeographic region of applicability
Test YearIndicates year testing was conducted
Judgement RatingSubjective expert judgment rating based on general merit (see section II.E of the SPECIATE 4.0 report for an explanation)
Vintage RatingVintage based on TEST_YEAR field (see section II.E for an explanation)
Data Quality RatingData quality rating based on number of observations, robustness (see section II.E of the SPECIATE 4.0 report for an explanation)
QualityOverall Subjective Profile Quality Rating (A-E) of the profile (related to the products of the V and D ratings, see section II.E of the SPECIATE 4.0 report for an explanation)
SiblingProfile number; samples taken from the same source and study, if available.
VersionSPECIATE 4.0 or SPECIATE 3.2
SimplifiedIs the profile a PM Simplified Profile?
VOC to TOG conversion factorVOC to TOG conversion factor, if applicable
ControlsEmission Controls Description
TotalSum of species percentages for a given profile, excluding organic species, inorganic gases, and elemental sulfur in individual PM profiles. (See Section IV.F “Double Counting Compounds” of the SPECIATE 4.0 report for rationale.)
Reference: PrimaryDesignates a reference as primary. When a profile is based on multiple references, this field allows one reference to be tagged as the primary reference.
Reference: DescriptionStores the descriptive information about the profile.
Reference: DocumentComplete reference citation.