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Joining EGS with ERA to better articulate ecosystem protection importance for hazardous waste site cleanups
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Nov 07, 2019]
In the United States, federal hazardous waste site cleanups are conducted under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund and Resource Conservation and Recovery Programs. The statutory mission of these two cleanup programs is remediation rather than rehabilitation; how...
Remediation to restoration to revitalization: Ecosystem based management to support community engagement at clean-up sites in the Laurentian Great Lakes
(BOOK CHAPTER) [Published : Sep 18, 2020]
Remediation to Restoration to Revitalization (R2R2R) is a framework to identify ecological and policy-based relationships between large-scale aquatic sediment remediation projects, subsequent habitat restoration projects, and waterfront revitalization. We have been developing R2R...
Using volunteered geographic information to visualize community values and ecosystem services for habitat restoration and neighborhood revitalization
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Dec 09, 2016]
Volunteered geographic information (VGI), specifically geotagged photographs available from social media platforms, is a promising technology that can be utilized to identify public values for ecosystem goods and services in a defined geographic area. VGI can help researchers ind...