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Lewis Hutchinson, S AND J W. Weaver. PHYTOREMEDIATION POTENTIAL OF A CHLORINATED SOLVENTS PLUME IN CENTRAL FLORIDA. Presented at US Environmental Protection Agency Phytoremediation Conference, Boston, MA, May 1-2, 2000.


Elucidate and model the underlying processes (physical, chemical, enzymatic, biological, and geochemical) that describe the species-specific transformation and transport of organic contaminants and nutrients in environmental and biological systems. Develop and integrate chemical behavior parameterization models (e.g., SPARC), chemical-process models, and ecosystem-characterization models into reactive-transport models.


The potential for phytoremediation of a shallow chlorinated solvent plume was assessed by application of ground water flow and evapotranspiration (ET) models for a site in Orlando, Florida. The focus of the work was on the hydrologic and hydraulic factors that influence phytoremediation effectiveness. The primary phenomena of concern were observed plume diving, spatially varying recharge and evapotranspiration from existing and candidate trees. The observed contaminant distribution at the site showed sharp plume diving immediately down gradient from the suspect source with partial discharge to a lake approximately 250 feet down gradient. A ground water flow model was developed for the site that included the potential for vertical flow by including detailed bathymetry of the lake. Model results showed that the plume diving is directly attributable to focussing of recharge from paved areas near the source. Since plume diving represents the dominant feature of vertical flow at the site, the design for a phytoremediation system included diverting recharge water from the paved area and planting of trees to further minimize plume diving. Estimates of ET rates were obtained from regional estimates, a simple model of ET and from a previous ET study conducted on site. These estimates provided design parameters for the remediation system and an assessment of the amount of plume control possible at the site.

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Product Published Date: 05/01/2000
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