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The overall objectives of this task are to: 1) provide ORD state-of-the-science technical support and assistance to Regional staff; 2) facilitate the evaluation and application of site characterization technologies at Superfund and RCRA sites; and 3) improve communication among Regions and ORD laboratories.


Under this task, technical support is provided to Regional Remedial Project Managers (RPMs)/On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs) at Superfund, RCRA, and Brownfields sites contaminated with hazardous materials by the Technical Support Center (TSC) for Monitoring and Site Characterization. The TSC provides scientific and technical assistance in the characterization of hazardous contaminated sites and associated site contaminants. State-of-the-science methods and technologies are identified and applied to identify contaminants, determine their levels and concentrations, and identify their geographic distributions for remediation planning. Specific assistance provided by the TSC includes: sampling and monitoring design; special chemical analyses; statistical assessment and data evaluation; surface and sub-surface geophysical processes; sampling and analytical quality assurance/quality control; field sampling and analysis; X-ray fluorescence field survey methods; and bioavailability determinations.


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Record Type: PROJECT
Start Date: 09/01/2008
Completion Date: 09/01/2008
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